Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Achilles' Heel

Coat - Zara // Boots - Topshop
I still have a major downfall for boots and coats.

This jacket screams of impulse buy but hey ho – sometimes an impulse buy is fine.

I have completely gone off Topshop (except the boutique section, I still make an effort to visit that once a week). So when I got some vouchers for Christmas and nothing from the boutique range was screaming out to me I decided to add yet another pair of cowboy boots to my collection.

Both are currently being used as fashion trophies until the weather gets a bit more suitable.


  1. ah those boots are beautiful! ox

  2. those boots are amazing! As is the coat.. Zara's sale is pretty good now they've reduced things even more.. I went a bit nuts in there the other day :p xx

  3. The boots are lovely, but I so agree about boutique! Used to be my favourite but the quality is pretty shocking for the price, especially the more expensive bits. x

  4. The Paige boots, I have my eye on those bad boys, great little purchases love both xo

  5. Hey you! I'm cool, How are ya? I think we have the same taste on shoes. I always love all the shoes you buy! xx

  6. I'm hoping to buy that jacket with feb payday! I need it!

  7. I didn't know you were back blogging, yay! I'm gooood thanks how are you? Impulse buys are fine when they're as lovely as that coat, love those boots too! xxx