Monday, 28 January 2013

New York Planning

On the 15th of April I am finally jetting off to New York.

Staying in a quirky little apartment in the East Village for ten whole days, I’m hoping to take in some sights, perhaps do a little shopping but mainly just relax and head to lots of bars and gigs in the evening. The main thing I love about London is simply just living here and experiencing it day to day, so I’m hoping to try and capture as much of that with New York as I can.

The difficult part is of course going to be packing for ten days and nights. I’ve put the above picture together as a little bit of inspiration. I’ll mainly be packing basics that can be re-worn with a few statement shoes and coats.

If anyone has any tips, I’d love to hear them. The only thing we have planned at the moment is seeing... Fleetwood MAC


  1. ooh I'm mega jealous! I'm sure you'll have an amazing time <3 <3 xx

  2. Oh wow - I have always wanted to visit NYC, I am so jealous! Love the looks you've gathered for inspiration :) x

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  3. Ahhh so jealous! Hope you blog all about it when you come back xxx

  4. Aww lucky you! Packing for a stylish 10 days sounds difficult but you're style is very New York anyway so I'm sure you'll fit right in! xx

  5. Ahhh, jealous! You'll have an amazing time :D
    Definitely go to the Meatpacking District and Williamsburg,

    Rosie x

  6. This sounds amazing! I'd love to spend 10 days in New York! And so jel that you're going to see Fleetwood Mac! The weather will be gorgeous in April too! Make sure you have a picnic in Central Park (goes without saying)and Williamsburg is meant to be really cool, I didn't get to go while I was there... I'm sure you'll have an amazing time! xx