Friday, 28 October 2011

We Share a T-shirt, Not a Toothbrush

This has to be one of my favourite band t-shirts of all time! I got it for free courtesy of my boyfriend! He wants it back but I’m not so sure.

Here’s something else I’m not so sure of...

Got sick of my face here, sorry!

On paper, a chunky, shaggy knit cardigan is my dream. In real life, I feel like a gorilla. It’s not the kind of thing that suits me, but it is mega cosy so if nothing else, I’ll wear it around my house when it gets a bit chillier.

Can you all please make me jealous with your Halloween plans? I’m very excited to be seeing Damon Albarn on Saturday but I’m missing out on the chance to dress up.

I love a bit of Halloween (I need to point out how I hate the slutty aspect so it has nothing to do with any excuses to get my body out!)  I see Halloween as a chance to dress up as someone else, someone that you wish you were but perhaps don’t have the guts or the lifestyle to be! This year I want to dress up as a full on 90’s grungy punk / Goth. I’m talking fishnets, creepers, purple lips - the lot! I’m not sure how this would go down at the gig. However, I’m considering using grungy undertones in my outfit and possibly sneaking the purple lippy in my bag.

Hope you all have a good one anyway, I’m hoping my blogger dashboard will be filled with Halloween posts come Sunday.


  1. Arhh I wanted this t-shirt for about 5 years...well jel, and cardi looks fab- mine had gone a bit funny as if it needs a trim or someting :/

    Any-wayz you look Gorgeouussss xxxx

  2. I LOVE the shaggy-gorilla-esque cardi! The silhouette is gorgeous. [check me being all technical]
    Have fun at the gig - I vote in favour of the purple lippy! x

  3. The t-shirt is nice, I love how this is such an effortless look but looks really good.

    I work at a childrens play centre so im just helping at the halloween party there otherwise i wouldnt get a chance to do anything! Im fully dressing up though so should be fun :)

  4. Such a great tee! Def keep it hostage and away from the boyfriend!

    Hope my plans of a takeaway of some sort and the x-factor dont make you too jealous!!! :/ x

  5. I love borrowing my boyfriends tshirts!

  6. I love this cardigan you should wear it out it is too nice to be just worn around the house team it with your highest pair of heels. It looks fab on you xoxo

  7. Actually in love with your cardigan! It should deffo make a trip outdoors! :)

  8. oh my goodness you so don't look like a gorilla- maybe a tres chic one :D
    Come follow my blog darling! xx

  9. I love the cardi, dont think you look gorilla-like at all! I have a fake fur one that makes me feel like that though and i have yet to wear it! Cant wait to see your grungy outfit, loving all that at the moment! :) xxx

  10. Hey little monkey mo lol only joking, treat that poor cardi to some outdoor air I love it soooooooo much defo too nice to be an indoor pet let it out haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    Looking hot little lady love the band tee very cool. Your hair is stunning it makes me want my fringe back xx

  11. You rock the -boyfriend-tee-plus-high-fashion-item look! x hivenn

  12. That tee is like the ultimate cool of all tee's! Do your best puppyeyes to him and perhaps he'll be swayed to lend it for a few more days :P

    I'm not doing anything Sunday, it would be nice but I never have plans! I'll probably grab myself a big slab of chocolate and watch films - hopefully they'll be something good on!

    You've made me so jealous about Damon Albarn! You lucky lady!!!

  13. That cardi is the raddest thing ever!

  14. I agree that t-shirt is Iconic plus I love their music :)

  15. this cardigan is my dream!where's it from?x