Monday, 31 October 2011


According to my work friends ‘buts’ is how I pronounce boots. It’s not!

Anyway, here are my new boots – the Allegra 2! I fancied a pair of the original Allegra’s a while back but went for the Ambushes instead. So glad I popped down to Topshop on Friday night to spot these beauties...any footwear embellished with studs gets a thumbs up from me, mixed with a Chelsea boot, you get perfection.  

More on my weekend antics tomorrow.

Just one final thought for today. When will London get cold enough for me to wear my faux fur, moan about being freezing and catch the flu which will allow me to have a week off work? I had to sleep with my window open last night, it was genuinely that hot!!


  1. Oh wow these are pretty amazing, my non studded Allegra's seem pretty dull now! :p Yeah I know it's so mild... I never know what to wear! xx

  2. I think I may be slightly in love! x

  3. Oi you I like this mild weather!!!! it was mega warm last night though and I do want to wear my new coat ,ok bring on the coldness. Hope your well hun, thanks for your lovely and very funny comments . Lv ya your the cutest! Hun these buts are amaze totally reem.


  4. Love these! Office had some similar studded boots that I was a bit in love with... Autumn is mu favourite season, if only because it's boot weather!

    Penny x

  5. Arhh these are UNREALLL. I love them,
    so now I want stud flats and boots- cheers united moses, Your gonna bankrupt meee.

    Forgot to tell you Im gonna bring twitter back when I get an iphonic so you and danny can stalk my life :) Haaas.

    I think im fully converted to A/W wear over S/S

  6. Excellent choice! You get the best of both worlds this way :)

    And I know what you mean about London... I can't wear a proper coat yet as it's just not that cold + the tube is a SAUNA and I would die in a coat :S x x

  7. great boots! Absolutely love them. Its ridiculously warm in Nottigham as well but Im in chrismas mood already! x

  8. Mo is a reem machine heeeeeeeheeeeheee xxx

    Sorry Mo I promise to never say reem on one's blog again xxx

  9. Hey !
    Those boots are amaze-balls :)


  10. omg these are awesome and SO you!! cannot wait to see you wear them

  11. Love these babes. Yesterday I finally got round to buying the Adorn chelsea boots which are black with a gold heel. Loved wearing them at work today although it might take a while to break into them. Need to do an outfit post soon! xx