Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sustain Me Without Even Trying

Dress - American Apparel
Hat - H&M
Cross Necklace - Miss Selfridge
Bag - Frank and Doll

This is so not my normal style! As I mentioned on Friday, I wanted to add little gothic touches to my outfit for Saturday night but it wasn’t until I uploaded these pictures that I realised how different I look. One of my flatmates suggested I dress like this all the time?! I think once in a while will be enough.

Body con is no friend of mine. I don’t know how you girls manage it. I was either a self conscious mess or fidgeting non stop. Although I did spot a gorgeous red velvet version of this dress while in American Apparel...tempted.

Have been adding more things to Ebay, have a look if you want some bargains!!

Last night I left my office at five to be shocked by how dark it was (happens every year / get over it). As I was in the winter mood I put on some Laura Marling – perfection! I was then reminded of the most gorgeous song, The Water, sung by Laura Marling and the simply amazing Johnny Flynn. Treat yourself to a listen, its the perfect song to get wrapped up warm and drink a big mug of tea to.


  1. It does suit you, you look gorgeous I do love an all black outfit xoxo

  2. How strange, because to me, this look is very you!! Love it :) Oh, and I'm saying it too - look how dark it is, can't believe how dark it is, blah, blah, blah!xx

  3. Your friends is right this look really does suit you! That dress is gorgeous & howww were you self conscious with that bod?! You look beaut xx

  4. I have to say this look really does suit you missy! Know exactly how you feel about body con though - I really cannoooot pull it off, if only for my constant tugging and adjusting. I want to hide my multitude of sins godamnit! x

  5. wish i could pull off low backs!
    you look lovely x x x

  6. I love the low back. It's such a cool way to show some skin!

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  8. ashhh the coment above hahha this girl left exactly the same thing in my blog so annoying right? Anyway! I love a bit of Goth not everyday but I think everybody should let the inner Goth out once in while :)

  9. You say body con's not your friend but you look amazing! The red velvet versions sounds amazing. Perfect for winter.

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  10. Mo your figure is to die for, you have the teeniest waist, perfect slim back and a booty to boot! I personally think you should wear bodycon all the time! (well, that would be boring but deff wear it more!) you look fab.

  11. Dude you look bloody amazing! x