Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hair and Nails

A quick snap of my new hair. I’m going all out on the love for my fringe. No more parting it to the side or letting it get all wind swept. Me and my fringe are at peace. As you can tell, I was a bit hesitant to have all the dead ends cut off – not such a good idea looking at this photo.

I also spent a few hours adding lots of glitter to jazz up some dull grey nail polish and am very pleased with the result. 

Had a busy, but lovely weekend. My boy got back holiday; my presents included a mug in the shape of a naked woman and a beaded bracelet with the Scottish flag on – thoughtful! I discovered on Sunday night just how much my new housemates enjoy taking the piss out of Scottish people (even though one of them is a fellow Scot.) I enjoy people taking the piss out of Scottish people, so we are all getting along well. I also found out they nicknamed me ‘wee Scottie’. I obviously love this.

Last night, I watched the film Submarine. I know I’m a little late but has anyone seen it? I loved it, I thought it was just lovely and perfect. Now I want Alex Turner to come round my house and sing to me.


  1. I FRECKINNN lurve your hair and nailzz your making me want to venture out of frnch mani on sprinkle on a bit of glitter.

    Nosering look well reem (doesnt it danny?) and your barnet looks like its had a growth spurt?

    Never seen the film babe is it my type?


  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! Need mine cutting so badly and hoping for a similar final result, although probably a bit shorter as I don't think mine is that long now!

    Penny x

  3. totally digging the fringe! you've helped me make the decision to have mine cut in so cheers!!
    ps I LOVE that your bf got you a naked woman mug - classic! haha.

  4. Oooh so much to say about this post! Firstly I love your new hair. The fringe really suits you. Secondly, 'wee scot' is the cutest nickname! I bet they wish they were Scottish! Also, I saw Submarine at the cinema and it's one of my favourite films! Some parts were sooo hilarious and I've listened to the soundtrack a million times since the film came out. I wanna marry Alex Turner just so that he can sing me lullabies at night!
    By the way on Sunday I get my Topshop uniform allowance so I'm excited about that! And those fringed shorts will probably be one of the items I get :) xx

  5. LOVE your hair and those nails are fierce

  6. Love your hair! I always love your hair though! :) Nails are pretty, i love a bit of sparkle! x

  7. Your hair is gorgeous! Need to get some glittery nail polish in my life pronto. S x

  8. I really love your hair, really suits you lovely! glitter nails :D And I love Submarine, great acting and gorgeous soundtrack.. xx

  9. Hair and nails look cracking dolly! And as for Submarine...WOW! The soundtrack is nothing short of INCREDIBLE! x

  10. LOVE the hair and the nails!

    I'm desperate to see Submarine, it's on the top of my love film list, just waiting for them to send it! xx

  11. Oh yes, the joy of being a Scot living in London. I know it well! My friends specialities really come out during summer when they can make a point of bringing up how pale I am!

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  12. Amazing nail varnish I want some. Glitter lasts longer on your nails too which is always good!


  13. You sexy biatchhhhhh xxx I adore the first pic of you stunning little supermodel xxx