Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Chubby Cheeks

Shirt - topshop
Jeans - H&M
Bag - Topshop (old)
Shoes - Office

#todayImwearing a swollen face, courtesy of some painful wisdom teeth. Not sure why I considered putting up these pictures, but never mind. Lets just all ignore the face in the last pic and concentrate on the collar.

Going all out for this ‘boy look’ and buttoning my collar right to the top. I would have loved to have paired this outfit with some creepers but I am skint and can’t waste money on shoes that will only make me look ridiculous, so the flat-forms will have to do. I envy people who can pull off a pair of creepers, I envy people who can pull of DMs even more. However, I did spy these beauts in Office and am considering a purchase come pay day. Or maybe these ones. Too many nice boots around at the moment, don’t even get me started on the Topshop collection.

Tonight I am going for diner at Inamo in Soho. It’s an amazing Japanese (obvs!) place where you order your food and play some old school video games via a computer on the table. The food is also delicious and the place has such a nice atmosphere. I’m starving already just thinking about it!

Thanks for all your kind messages on my wee car bump.


  1. Great look love the shirt and those 2nd pair of Office boots are gorgeous I agree with you there are lots of fab boots out there this season.

    Hope your wisdom tooth gets better hate wisdom teeth pain it is the worst xoxo

  2. Youch, bloody wisdom teeth! Love this outfit, rather odd that I'm wearing something quite similar today (shirt, skinnies and wedge sandals), great minds and all that. That Japanese place sounds amazing, must try it some time. I will definitely tweet you for a coffee soon :) xx

  3. Love this outfit! Simple and effective :)
    Hope wisdom teeth get sorted soon. xx

  4. I love this shirt with the contrasting cuffs - poor you suffering with your wisdom teeth. Hope they get better soon :) xxx

  5. Love this babe very masculine-esq I took this look too far and once wore a tie to work...we will leave that there.

    Hope teethies get better soon- dentists are a fortune!


  6. This shirt is so cute on you! I too am very envious of anyone who can pull off creepers and DMs, they definitely would not suit me! I have this bag, and the jumper in your last post - we clearly have very similar taste haha!

  7. You're looking hot stuff! It always suprises me how a shirt and a pair of jeans can look so classic. Nice touch of colour with your leopard print bag too.

    I envy people who can pull off Doc Martins too, my friend has that sort of grunge edge so they suit her so well. That restaurant sounds amazing too!

  8. Was attracted to your blog when i saw your profile pic ( because i'm crazily obsessed with vintage style photography !) Anyway love your bog and this outfit is so inspiring ! xx

  9. Amazing outfit, you look so good in these pictures, I love your pants and that shirt is perfect, the perfect touch and also I like your bag! You have a lovely blog and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  10. swollen? you don't look swollen at all but you migh feel sorry about that I know it could be very painful :s. I know what you mean about creepers I feel the same I love them in people the other day a saw a girl with a cute dress and she was wearing socks with creepers and It looked fantastic! but deep down in my heart I know my punk-gothic moments are in the past (long time ago back when I was 17) but honestly this grunge-gothic little person inside me wants to come out! haha

  11. I love this androgynous look...the shirt is lovely! I feel your wisdom teeth pain...I had all four out at once and it wasn't pretty!

  12. Damn them wisdom teeth, I feel your pain, I have 3 of those bad boys sneaking through!!! I mean who wants wisdom anyway not moi!!!

    I didn't know about your wee car bump arhhhh little Mo jo I hope your ok poppet mwah xxxxx

    Ps I love this outfit it is so fooking cool, you look like a mod love it xx