Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Vest - Topshop
Skirt - H&M
Belt - Topshop (old)
Boots - ASOS

Hello! Quite a smart work outfit, for me I think. Still not over my midi skirt phase.

I’m going to be a little MIA for the next few weeks, I think. A lot is going on in mine and my close friends lives and everything seems to be changing. Scary and very stressful at the moment but I’m sure everything is for the best and all good changes.

The biggest change for me is that I am moving ten days! Part of me is terrified but mostly I am really happy. Just need to be a little manic stress head and get everything organised ASAP. The good thing is that I am moving to an area I love, where all my friends are close by and thank god – I’ll be in walking distance of a tube station again! I’m sad to be leaving the ‘trendy’ E8 postcode but looking forward to living in a gorgeous house, not an E8 prison block.

So, as much as I would love to devote my full attention to the Dalmatian print trend (AMAZING!) other things need to come first.

Obviously, major clear out operation is going on, so if you want to grab some bargains check out my EBAY!

In between all the stress of finding a replacement for my room, packing and getting everything sorted for my new home (in ten days!!!) I have a best friend’s and Danny’s Birthdays to celebrate. Obviously, I won’t be neglecting my outfit choices here so some sneaky pictures may crop up.


  1. cool belt!! love you in black! good luck with the big move xo

  2. Good luck with the moves and all the changes.. Just checked your Ebay you have some gems on there but why are you a size 5? boo! Love your outfit as ever :) xx

  3. Lovely outfit, i like the belt! And goodluck moving! :)


  4. How exciting good luck with the move.

    Perfect work outfit you look amazing. You must be pretty good at multi tasking on top of moving house and friends birthday you also have ebay listing pretty impressive xoxo

  5. guess whose back... you are looking gorge!xxx

  6. Oooh exciting times moving to a new area. Sounds like a much better area if it's safer and your friends are there. Is it still in east London? Good luck with the move sweetie xx

  7. Love this look, so simple and so stylish. Good luck with moving! Try not to let the stress of it all get to you (i know easier said than done!) A bigger space I am sure will be worth it! xxx

  8. Hope everything is ok. I'm staying positive for you! x

  9. Hope the move goes well lovely, for some strange reason I am obsessed with the cut of these vests, it makes me sad they never have them in my size! x

  10. love your hair. happy moving! and if i could afford it i'd buy so much stuff from your ebay! x

  11. So simple but gorgeous! All the best for the house move, there's nothing more stressful than moving house but it sounds like it'll definitely be worth it in your case. :)

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  12. Good luck wee Mo jo, so exciting it will work out perfect for you so don't worry. So you won't be my wee neighbour now!!

    You look hot honey, lovely little figure well jel!!!.
    Loving ebay this month made over £500 smakeroonies whoop whoop!!!!!

    Have a fab a doo weekend, pretty little scottish haggis mwah xoxo