Monday, 12 September 2011

We Like to Watch You Laughing

Jumper - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Bag - UO
Shoes - UO
Jewellery - Topshop

Finally got my hands on the H&M pleather, full circle skirt - thank goodness! If I can’t find something I want I tend to crave it more and then ruthlessly hunt it out. I’ve decided that I want to go for a more grungy/punky look (yeah, yeah I know, I’m a total loser.) Anyway, this skirt will hopefully be a key piece to me achieving this look, along with other black things!?

Had a bit of a mixed bag weekend. I was walking home on Friday, crossed at the kamikaze zebra crossing by my flat where I almost got run over by a bike, stepped out the way and was knocked by a car! I politely stood up, told the boy it was “a fucking zebra crossing” then basically hurried away before anyone came over! Nothing that a cup of coffee and a good sleep didn’t cure though. On Saturday night my friend was having a house party that turned into us all getting a bit too drunk and doing the obligatory, screaming, laughing and dancing. My friend loves “raving!” “I don’t want to talk, I want to rave!” is her favourite saying. This means that in between the million dance songs you have to be sneaky to get in any other form of music played! I wore an elephant hat the entire night – very fetching! Yesterday was not so productive but I did manage to consume a lot of Japanese food and watched Lost in Translation.

My dad gets into London this evening and I am far too excited to see him. I am unashamedly the biggest daddy’s girl in the world.


  1. Yess you got the skirt! I love this outfit, all the black looks great, those shoes, yes please! I hate zebra crossings too, cyclists never bloody stop, nor do they stop at red lights... hope you're ok now! And we should definitely meet up for a coffee, somewhere around London xx

  2. you look so good in all black! i often feel so gothic but it really suits you and you look super chic

  3. Love this look! The skirt is uh-mazing.
    And oh my! An adventurous weekend for you then - hope the driver was embarrassed, jeez!

    Rosie x

  4. You look lovely here, loving the all black look, so stylish :) oh blimmin eck, hope you're okay after your incident on the road! Silly cyclist and driver! Also have a lovely time with your dad! :) x

  5. Oh you look fittt, I loveee this skirt loads babe I would love a skirt like this but not sure it would suit my legs (you know about the legs!)

    I would of caused a scene if I got bloody knocked over babe- possible broke neck, the works!!!


  6. want this skirt so bad too!
    you look great
    and I can't believe you got hit by a car! lucky he was going slow enough so you didn't get badly hurt. Your 'rave' night sounds fun

    Serendipity Style Blog

  7. That skirt is wonderful! I've seen it on a few people and I always thought it was so feminine. You look good in black too! Some people on the road are idiots, I have no idea how they even passed when they're speeding down the road blasting out their gangsta tunes.

    Yeah I'm dreading working full time, hopefully I'll slip into something I really like.. hopefully. I have a dream of sort of living in London but the prices give me mini heart attacks!

    Can't believe you're going to see Damon Albarn! Lucky girl! I still think he's not a bad looker for his age ha!

  8. The skirt was well hunting down it looks amazing on you and I can imagine you will get lots of wear from it xoxo

  9. This suits you SO well! I'm speechless, it's made for you x

  10. London drivers are TERRIBLE about zebra crossings. There's one just down from my house and it's a constant struggle to ever get over it without running.

    Love the skirt though! Especially with the jumper. It looks so perfect for autumn.

    Have fun with your dad!

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  12. i'm exactly the same, if i want something & can't find it straight away, i end up obsessing over it & spending way over the odds if i find it! haha. love this look!


  13. Super outfit! You look stunning! ♥

  14. Wow you look stunning!
    I love your hair <3


  15. I was thinking omg, I love the skirt, then when i saw the description I was like, hang on - I've got that skirt!!! Will have to do an outfit post soon so you can see if it is the same one. Great taste gorgeous girl! Oh, and adore the shoes - I haven't got those :( XXX

  16. Ce blog est toujours aussi intéressant! J'ADORE!!!!
    Les photos et les looks sont magnifiques!
    Mélanie (pour les amoureuses de vintage :

  17. The skirt looks so good, I may have to buy it myself. I can't believe you got knocked over! But those would have been my exact words if it had happened to me x

  18. Oh this is wonderful this is such a great all black look :) love the way you look with your hair style and a bit oversize top. xx

  19. perfect cropped jumper! i love the all black look! looks great with the rings :)

    xo zebra and meerkat