Tuesday, 21 June 2011


I planned to gush over my Bob Dylan experience today but something terrible happened over the weekend and I need to pay a little tribute to the beauty that was my dream jacket.

Sunday was a shambles! What was meant to be coffee and a catch up in Camden, with one friend, turned into a group of us having a Sunday roast in our old hang out, the Hawley Arms. That then spiralled into a £90 bar tab, shots of tequila, a run round the market before scooping a bottle of wine, then retiring to the last bar for some double vodkas!

Needless to say yesterday was not one of my most productive days. I thought leaving my phone at Danny’s was punishment enough for my antics but NO... my favourite little, studded, leather jacket was not waiting for my collection last night. After ringing round all the bars I remembered being at, I came to the conclusion that I left it on a bus!! So, to those swarms of people on the 29 bus, on Sunday evening, if you are the new proud owner of a studded leather jacket then take care of it! It means a lot to me.

My little leather number was my go to piece. It transformed any outfit and gave everything an edge. Although I don’t have many pics of it on my blog, it was guaranteed to be thrown over most of the outfits.

The worst news is that I am officially skint! With my holiday coming up I won’t be able to buy a new one until September. I’ve been frantically thinking of new ways to purchase one, I could dip into the holiday fund but I might try phoning my dad and pretending someone stole it off my back, then see if he wants to contribute to the cause?! Only problem is my dad knows I was “tipsy” on Sunday after a late night Fathers Day call!

Anyway, not many jackets could replace this one. I’ve bought at least three others over the two years I owned it but ended up selling them on Ebay as nothing compared to this one. We went to gigs, festivals and saw Sienna Miller together. Here are some pics of me and the jacket. (Cherished memories!)

How different do I look? It’s only been three months since the first pic was taken!!

Bob Dylan tomorrow...

Materialistic? YES!


  1. Oh hun - noooooo! Can't believe you've lost your gorgeous jacket. Can understand why you're so gutted :( xxx

  2. Boooo :( I know what it's like to lose a perfect item of clothing! Hope you can find something similar to replace it (though it can never be replaced in your heart!) soon xx

  3. No bad times, hope you come to terms with your loss soon! Many an item has come victim to that cruel mistress alcohol. Once I lost a lovely bag, I had all the contents just not the bag lord knows what happened to it! x

  4. Oh nooooo what a nightmare! I feel for you. Have an amazing time seeing Bob Dylan though!

  5. Feel sorry for you about the jacket, the 29 is the bus of nightmares, so happy its my regular ahaha! x

  6. i feel for youuu :( your jacket is amazing! buttt i'm so jealous of your lace dress it's gorgeous! your style is like alexa chung :D ronan x


  7. oh no im so sad for you, i hope you find one as equally lovely soon

  8. I feel so sad for you :( It sounds like an absolute nightmare, and the jacket looked amazing on you. I hope that it miraculously finds its way back to you :)