Thursday, 10 March 2011

Today I Would Like...

To be transformed into an boho / navajo goddess and be strolling around some beach in the burning hot sun! I'm blaming Spellbound for this. Their clothes, blog and site, in general, are amazing. I don't just want the clothes, I want the lifestyle!! I wonder if I could walk around my office with fur and dream catchers dripping from my neck?? I might try it...

Failing that I will try to purchase these beauties. The hand cuff is from Spanish Moss and the skirt is from Spell Bound.
Enough of the dreaming and back to my boring black dress and Starbucks!


  1. Yum, I love the first set of pictures. I have some Navajo-inspired I just need the stick and the crown!

  2. haha! you would look funny going into word draped in feathers and tasles... i think youd be having a quick word with the boss! hahaha..
    defo an out of work loo ktho..
    i saw some like things that go round your ears full of feathers the other day on someones blog.. was well sick.. ahhaa

  3. love! that ring/bracelet is just... amazing! X

  4. Everything here is so beautiful!


  5. i love that ring & bracelet... its soo... wonderful :)


  6. Thankyou for your comment on my blog, I love that skirt!
    And thanks for offering to send me the ring! If it's still okay that would be amazing, if you want you could email me @ and
    We can sort out the deets? Obvs I'd send you some money or something. I'm away till tues but I can email you then or If you can't send it anymore dw!
    Thanks again :) amy, x