Friday, 11 March 2011

One for the Boys...Apparently?!

Vest - H&M
Jeans - H&M
Cardigan - Topshop
Loafers - Topshop
Braclets - Aldo
Rings - (various, mainly ebay)

I read somewhere last week that a high percentage of men love a woman in plain jeans and a white vest. Three men dry humped my leg on the bus this morning...Okay I'm kidding! It is quite a refreshingly simple look though, so can see why men would go for it, if they in fact do! (Not that I am wearing this to attract some attention from builders/ bin men. I have a lovely boy. Lucky me, eh?!)

I admired this cardigan in Topshop for a few weeks, then when I saw the lovely Kirsty blog about it
here, informing me it was in the sale I had to go and get it. Glad I did as I'm sure it will be great for the summer evenings. Speaking of summer, it is been so light and sunny in London and this week my mood has improved so much, all I need now is a tan!

Me and my friend in work discovered yesterday that our office is five minutes away from the Premier Model agency!!!! We are heading down at lunch time to see if Carol is out having a fag!! Love that show!!

I have that 'Friday feeling' today and can't wait to head out tonight with my crazy Glaswegian friend for a night involving lots of drinking, dancing and shouting! Hope you all have a fun weekend.


  1. I love simple outfits like this- especially when paired with that lovely jewellery! x

  2. Come Here From Malaysia

  3. whoot whoo, never mind the boys! you look hot lady.... loving this cardigan also babes!!

    NO WAY- How jel am I that your down the bloody road from our carol haha! let me know if you head down... i think you should take a wonder in and get your self a modelling job...please :)? xxxxx

  4. lovely look.
    Love Carol and The Model Agency...


  5. Even though you're in a tee and jeans you look very chic! I think most blokes just like the simple things somtimes, if a girl can look sexy in jeans and a tee then they can look sexy in everything!

    Katie. x

  6. Love the cardigan and your piled up rings! Great look.


  7. I really like this outfit, it is simple but still stylish and well put together. Sometimes I can understand why poor men might prefer something like this as opposed to sandals and socks etc ha. I'd love to work in London, and the fringe looks great on you x

  8. haha! i read that aswell, you look beautiful i am loving the contrast of simple outfit with chunky jewellery lush :) xxx

  9. Love this outfit! The accessories are gorgeous too :) x