Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Last night, my flatmate Ben rescued me from cutting my own fringe and created this new look for me. I actually love it but think it will take a bit of getting used to.
Sorry, just a quick rubbish photo before I ran out to work. While clearing out my clothes I found this old Mac that I bought when I was 18 (6 years ago) I'm reviving it!!


  1. Your hair looks lovely :)
    Fab bag too,

    Rosie x

  2. Double cute hun. Love de fringe muchas, you suit it soooo much. Cool mac it just shows its good to hoard stuff. My hubbie is always trying to get me to throw stuff. I say no way I will wear it again soon.


  3. it looks lovely! Im thinking about going for the fringe too x

  4. Oh babe I LOVE the fringe so much!
    but WHY are you doing this to meeee, I've spent a year growing out my fringe pahah NOW you- MO have made me want to back again!!!

    damn you hot stuff!!!! :P xxxxx

  5. You look amazing! Love the fringe, and that mac! :) Jealous!xo

  6. Loving the fringe! You look great :) xx

  7. HAHA, no babe not yet im gonna go hunt it down on friday- failing this....trafford centre next weekend so fingers crossed for me baby!!!

  8. the hair is cyyyyuteeee and i love the bag! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Your hair is lovely, you look very happy! lovely smile. I think we have the same bag, great minds ha!

    Katie. x

  10. Love the satchel.

    Such a cute look,

    Haute-fly xx

  11. you look lovely!
    ooh and just to let you know i've given you a versatile blogger award, the post is scheduled for tomorrow but i'm away so I thought I'd let you know in advance!