Thursday, 17 March 2011

Gillian Zinser Inspiration.

Hat - H&M
T-Shirt - Ebay
Kimono top - H&M
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Necklace - Urban Outfitters

I have a massive style crush on Gillian Zinster! Who shouldn't? After cutting up an H&M Poncho, to make it more of a kimono and cutting this t-shirt apart, I finally came up with a look I'm satisfied with. Obviously I'm not comparing myself to the babe but for what I could find, I'm happy. Just missing that all important fringing!


  1. Haha where the funks all the fringing?
    You are better than Gillian Zinser in my eyes kidda, ALTHOUGH I have massive hair envy over her... I'm a bit in love with Jessica Lowndes, she has an amazing face I feel.
    Your shoes are AMAZING, hot mama xxxxxxx

  2. Aah I love all the DIY in this, I'm always too scared to cut stuff up, but you've definitely made this look inredible. x

  3. I've got to say you've done a rather good job! I love Gillian Zinser her dress sense is amazing!

    R x

  4. You did a good job, I just ruin things when I try cut them. Love your shoes too x

  5. Love the shoes, jeans, necklace and hat.. and the ode to Axl and Slash.

    Lovely post,

  6. the poncho into kimono idea is inspired!
    The ring came, i just blogged about it! Thankyou so much :)

  7. Love this entire outfit so much! +kudos to you for creating it, it doesnt look DIY at all!
    Just found your blog + i love ittttt, am following now!x

  8. Hi!!

    Love your blog!! Got the same shirt as yours :)

    jos xx
    check out my blog if you like:

  9. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    i love this outfit you always looks amazing
    dress me! xxx

  10. you look pretty. i like your outfits!

  11. that top looks so good cut down the middle!never even thought of that!LOVE gillian zinser also :) xxx

  12. nice blog! i like your hippy/edgy style!
    i followed, do you want to follow mine?

    x zoé -

  13. this is totally all gillian!
    you look stunning.
    i look at her and she always makes me want to give her look a go.
    she's super stylish. x.