Friday, 18 March 2011


I can not get enough of this style. I even want to decorate my bedroom in a native american / navajo way! But I change my mind so often that it would be a complete waste of time, effort and money.

I love painting my nails and searching for new colours. Creating different patterns is a great way to get a hint of a style, that you can change easily, without spending heaps of money. These are my two new shades, from Urban Outfitters. I wasn't sure on the colour to begin with but once I got the pattern on I fell in love!

How similar is the bird one to my tattoo? I have seven tattoos now and am constantly thinking of my next...I want 'trouble' written on my face! Jokes! Although I think this would be a good warning to people.

Both necklaces are from Urban Outfitters and am pleased to say they are in the sale. I'm going back on lunch today to have a proper look at the sale items. I love an Urban Outfitters sale. I hate working close by to great shops.


  1. Loving your new colours- and so you good at nails JEL.
    Babe you need to check out my new fringe obsess- post.
    Still not sure on jacket, did you love your straight away, I feel a bit like a line dancer?
    loves xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I know right and its the same amount (£50)so it would be like a swap if I didnt keep the other?
    KNEW you'd love but I wouldnt of been suprised if you already had it- your wardrobe is AMAZE.

    IMAGINE in summer or over bikini SWOON...

  3. I love the Navajo style atm too, though i'm lacking in funds to supply it! The nail design is great, and I'll probs give it a try just so i can give a nod to the style without spending big bucks.

    I would hate to be so close to UO's! I'd end up either spending too much or being upset by the fact that I can't. It must take a lot of willpower :P x

  4. great nails!!! how did you do them?

  5. Your nails look amazing, love your jewellery collection too. xoxo

  6. I really love this trend too!

    I really like the necklaces!

  7. Love the nail art, wish I was a bit more patient and had a steady hand!

  8. your nails are nice how did you do those? love the jewellery

  9. Navajo is amazing. I love all of the jewelry! You should def do a navajo inspired bedroom and post it!
    Sounds fun!

  10. Your nails are so cool! :) I wish I could do nail art as well as some people, you're just too talented!! xxx

    check out my blog maybe? xxx

  11. your nails are amazing!!!!! such a great idea :) and i love the colors!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  12. adore that nail design! Very summery, great blog xo