Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Long and Short of It

Dress - American Apparel
Waistcoat - H&M
Bag - Topshop
Socks - H&M
Shoes - Primark
Dreamcatcher Necklace - Ebay

Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments on my last post - you encouraged me to brave the socks to work!! Thing is, it's bloody cold today so have had to fake it with some fleshy tights underneath - not my favourites! I love this little fringe waistcoat. H&M is full of crochet bargains at the moment. I managed to book a day off work on the 14th of April to get down to Oxford Circus, for the launch of the conscious collection - counting down the days!!

I got the nicest little surprise yesterday when my friend tweeted that she had featured me on her tumblr! So sweet of her! You can check it out HERE.

Sorry for the poor quality of these pics - the lighting in my room is not the best! Hopefully now the sun is out it will get better.


  1. heres my bird ;) haha looking AMAZE.
    You suit these socks so much! Im self consious of my legs my boy calls them bic biros haha! basically like pencils- NO, this not a good look!

    You beut are the reason I have become obsessed with fringing and crochert, just look at my blog its like a FRINGE FEST!!! have a great day xxxxxxxx

  2. The socks definitely look goooood!! I think i'm gonna have to go have a peek at h+m now...uh oohh


    also, hair envy!

  3. awesome look. love that crochet vest.

  4. Bohemian chic outfit, loving the vest!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. love the waistcoat and socks!

  6. Cute look loving the crochet waistcoat and perfect with the otk socks. I really want the crochet shorts from the conscious colllection. H&M is spot on this season they really have some fab boho looks xoxo

  7. i looove your hair! great outfit :) xx

  8. Love your outfit, the crochet waistcoat is lovely! x

  9. heey :) love the dress! AA forever :)) and accessories are really nice too!

  10. Love the waistcoat, wish my H&M would actually get new things in stock once in a while! also this might sound extremely odd but do you have thin/thick hair cause i loveee your hair but im too scared to get a fringe incase i get split-fringe syndrome! x