Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Obsession One

I'm a lady who's partial to a bit of animal print. I'll go through fazes when any item I see with a print, I'll buy! Here are just a few of my pieces. The maxi skirt is H&M, Cross t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, Coat from Zara (kids) and the last top is from Topshop.  
Every now and again I thought I would do a post on things I obsess over. I have a very addictive personality, once I find something I love, I'll buy and recreate the look until I've found my next obsession.

I went through a nail faze! Here are my animal print inspired ones. OK, so I probably spent a good two hours painting my nails with nail pens to get this look (I don't like those nail foils you get) worth it? I like to hope so!!
Ill probably end up with an obsession post on my nails as I'm addicted to painting them and have sported some crazy styles. Check out Wah Nails for some inspiration.
I also just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has left little comments on my posts - really appreciate them all. Blogging is fun!!


  1. Love the maxi skirt. I don't ever purposely go out to buy animal print but I seem to have loads of it in my wardrobe! xx

  2. Really love the hat and Topshop blouse. I so love hats but have such a peanut head it doesn't look so good! Great blog you have here - following you :)

  3. great items! love the coat and hat.xx

  4. Oh I'm so in love with animal prints. That cross T-shirt is gorgeous!
    I'll check Wah Nails right away.

  5. i love wah nails, and leopard! such a good combo :) xx

  6. I've just realised I do exactly the same thing... I wear a certain piece of clothing again and again, and then don't wear it for ages :)

    The leopard print tee is amazing, as is the h&m coat - I'll have to scour the kids section next time! x

  7. loveee all the leopard print


  8. l like your pictures:)

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  9. I love leopard! Those nails look fab and I agree, its much more fun (and satisfing) to do it yourself!


  10. Amazing looks! I love your hat!


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  12. As another addict of animal print I love this post and you have some goregous leopard print things I really love the Topshop top and could now kick myself for not getting it, it looks fab teamed with the hat xoxo

  13. Your blog looks cool, im just new follower.
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  14. Mo you look amazing in that hat- so chic!xx