Monday, 3 January 2011

Prized Possessions

These are four of my favourite fashion finds! The shoes are stolen from my mum - stolen because they were her wedding shoes!! I love them, true vintage Gina!! Although the heel doesn't look that high, they kill, so I never wear them. They are not shoes for playing in anyway! The chunky gold writing in picture two says it all - it's a vintage Moschino belt!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! However, I scavenged for it on Ebay and it's too big so I need to stop being lazy and get it to one of those places that stamps holes in belts so I can wear it! Moschino leather isn't so easy to stab with a kitchen knife!! Picture three is another Ebay purchase. It's a House of Harrlow necklace and I'm in love! I also love counting the amount of people who tell me my necklace is on back to front, when I wear it. Picture four is maybe the most elegant accessory I own, I love the classic feel of this vintage bag and feel so feminine whenever I wear it!

This painting is by far my most prized possession and probably always will be! My good friend painted it for my 24th birthday!! She's such a talented artist and I was so overwhelmed and touched when she gave this to me.

This is the original photo my friend used for the painting!! Thankfully she painted out my cider belly and shiny face!

Ahhh, my beautiful bike, another one of my favourite things! Anyone who knows me who reads this will be outraged as after buying this bike in August I've still never ridden her. She is permanently based outside our slum!! I'm not sure if I ever will ride her, or if she's best just for show! Everyone in London Fields owns a bike and the cycle lanes become a bit crazy in the summer!!

Here are just a few little pics of my day. I've had the perfect pre - back to work day. I went for a gorgeous walk around Regents Park and Primrose Hill in the afternoon then came home and made some chicken noodle soup - yum!!! I can't eat enough chicken noodle soup at the moment! I'm currently reading London Fields by Martin Amis - I've just started and finding it a little tricky to get into it as the writing style is so new to me. I've heard great things about it though so will stick with it. I hope the story moves to Hackney though as it's all based in West London so far!!


  1. When I was about 16 (far too many years ago to say) I was in love with that Moschino belt. I think any old cobbler might be able to poke a hole through it for you. And I'm totally jealous of your House of Harlow necklaces, they are gorgeous!

  2. I've been wanting a Moschino belt for ages, they're amazing! And I'm rather jealous about your NYE... Seeing Foals again would have been the best way to end a year ever :)

    Thankyou for following me! I've returned the favour; your blog is lovely x

  3. Your Mums shoes are beautiful, I can't wait to see more posts from you! xxx

  4. the vintage bag of yours is so adorable! the painting is amazing too, what an amazingly kind present from your friend! she's very talented.

    i'm so jealous at the fact that you have a bike with a cute basket, i've been wanting one for ages, hehe.

    thank-you for your lovely comment! xx