Monday, 10 January 2011

Payday Lusting - Jan

It's payday for me this happy. I am lusting over pretty much everything in American Apparel at the moment but the Large Leather Carry-All Pouch is at the top of my list. I'll be running down to Cov Garden to pick it up on Friday. I also love the maxi skirt - it looks better in store than on the web. I bought some of the American Apparel nail varnish the other day and it's great! They have some amazing colours - this peach one will be nice for Spring. I have abused my loafers for too long now and they have started to squeak. I was planning on buying a very similar pair until I spotted these moccasins in Urban Outfitters - so cute and comfortable. The ring pictured is also from UO. I normally always ask for perfume at Christmas but forgot this year so I need to buy some more of my signature scent - I love Miss Cherie. I'm also planning on scouring some charity and vintage markets this month, hopefully I will find some hidden gems. I've decided to buy a coat stand too. Just not enough room in my wardrobe and sick of throwing my coats on the floor - far to pretty for that!

The fact that I want to buy all this is going to be severely hindered by the fact that I lost my phone at the weekend! I am saying lost very calmly as I suspect I was pick pocketed. O2 were kind enough to inform me that my insurance ran out in Nov (something I was clearly oblivious to). Dipping into savings to buy a new phone in Jan is not what I need to hear!!

Other than the phone trauma, I had a lovely weekend. Hope you all did too. xx


  1. Nightmare about your phone. Hope you've some spare dosh left over for goodies for yourself! x

  2. Awe! That really is unfortunate about your phone! I don't know what I would do without mine.
    Lovely blog!
    Hope we can follow eachother! :)



  3. I absolutely love that ring and them moccasins!

    Sorry to hear about the phone :( xo

  4. Great choice of goodies, rubbish about the phone! x