Tuesday, 5 March 2013


I love jackets. Jackets and ankle boots (and jeans) are my downfall. I do think however it is good to have a mixture of all three as they are pretty much my staples and having a good variety of jackets can keep outfits different and interesting.

So as we are heading into Spring (14oC in London today, I’ve put together my jacket inspiration;
  • The first is more of a winter coat but I think it’s good to have one handy for when the weather plays up and I love this over sized camel one, especially with the bare legs and beige boots.
  • A good mid length animal print is more of a novelty than a staple but it can easily brighten up a plain outfit.
  • A good leather...not much more needed on this point.
  • A casual khaki number is perfect for Summer evenings/Spring. Goes with everything – especially grey marl. I think they scruff up any outfit perfectly.
  • Denim. Every year I go through a love hate relationship with denim jackets. I don’t want to feel too girly and am not the biggest fan of them paired with dresses. However, I think if you keep all the colours light (not pastel) then it can work really well. 
  • Lastly, this is a total novelty for me – a white jacket! I love this style of jacket and a white number is something my coat stand is missing. I’m now totally lusting after this Zara number – even though I already have it in black?? Dilemma!


  1. ahh I love jackets too, and have been on the lookout for a new one for some time.. the Zara one is gorgeous!xx

  2. Great post!<3


  3. That outfit is so cute!!
    Much love,