Friday, 1 March 2013


If anyone thinks that another round of bleach won’t make their hair fall out, I’d strongly recommend thinking carefully before piling more on. Last year I had to take a step to the dark side because yes, shoving on another round of bleach did make the top half of my hair snap off to feathers!

After screaming, crying, being named a penguin, going brunette, having my hair cut off and now constantly wearing it up I’m finally getting somewhere. Luckily for me I have the thickest head of hair and it grows at a reasonably rate so I’ve managed to go back to blonde (highlights – no full on bleach) but am now struggling to get it into a nice style.

My hairdresser thinks I will be able to achieve the above by August (I’m hoping June). In the meantime I’ll continue to smile politely when someone compliments my Rachel from friends, really layered (see mullet) hairstyle.

At the end of the day hair drama’s are quite funny a year later and as my mum always says – it’s only hair, it grows back. But trust me I have invested a lot of time and money making sure my hair is in good condition now. I’m thinking of doing a post on the products that have really helped to make my hair grow back but if anyone has any products they swear by, let me know.

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