Friday, 6 January 2012


After featuring some of my favourite pieces from the Topshop Boutique collection and mentioning my plans for a wardrobe makeover, I thought I’d share some of my current inspiration.

I snapped up this perfect Sister Jane top in the ASOS sale just before Christmas. I can’t wait to style it, I’m thinking over simple dresses, under thin/sheer jumpers or with my pleather trousers and some mega heels.

That polka dot frock belongs on my body and those tan brogues with the socks is just perfection!

I have always been a fan of trenches and Mac coats – they look so effortless and I like the idea of throwing one over a t-shirt. I love the slits in these mid length skirts, especially as they showcase the footwear so well.

I would honestly give up my bed for this dress! Oversized, puffy sleeve and high neck line perfection. Just give me those legs and that face and I’ll die a happy bunny!  


  1. I completely adore that Alexa dress style but I just don't have the right body shape for anything like that *cries*! Love brogues too :) xx

  2. Your new top looks really nice. I also love that grey dress in the last picture!

    Loulou Downtown

  3. that top is gorgeous! that slouchy dress in the bottom picture is stunning, something like that would completely suit you xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  4. wow alexa loooook amazing!!x

  5. Great style inspiration! And I love your ASOS bargain.
    Believe me, my mum isn't like that normally - she must have been in a good mood!

    Rosie x

  6. Mo I love you rambling all over my blog. I look forward to your comments cos I am sad (in a loser way) and you make moi laugh and your kinda v sweet to one. If we were men this would be a bromance ha!
    I'll stop dribbling all over your blog with my ramblings.

    Loving the new top and the inspiration pics. You would so suit Alexia's dress. But keep your own face as it is lovely xx

    Have a fab weekend poppet xx

  7. That Alexa dress is stunning. Why are there not more dresses made in this shape? (At least not in my price range...)

    Penny x

  8. oh cool! love the details :)


  9. That ASOS top is perfect! Also I agree with you on Alexa Chungs dress, you would look amazing in it!

  10. Digging the little Peter Pan collar, so cute!

  11. Love your new top! I recently bought a pair of gold tweed shorts by Sister Jane which I love too! I agree that trench coats are effortlessly cool. My cream one makes me feel like a chic french lady! Hope you're having a lovely weekend sweetie xx

  12. Beautiful simplicity, love that top!

  13. Ah the top will indeed look great over a dress! And totally agree with you about the chung, I would literally kill for those legs


  14. I love the top you scored! Even better that it was on sale!
    Emma xx

  15. Haha the top is so adorable! I can wait to see how you are going to style it! I love socks at the moment love the masculine vibe they add to any look and also cuteness and yes that dress is pretty amazing! nothing tight to the body perfect for me!