Monday, 16 January 2012

I’m Still Wearing Clothes

Dress and Boots - Topshop
Bag - Urban Outfitters

Dress - Miss Selfridge (!!????!!)
Boots - Topshop

 T-shirt, Skirt and Boots - Topshop

Despite my lack of blogging and outfit posts, believe it or not, I’ve still been wearing clothes.

I’ve decided that there is no point in good clothes or pretty shoes living in my wardrobe. I’ve always been one of those people to keep my favourite clothes for specific occasions but one of my new years resolutions is to wear my good clothes and make more of an effort everyday. I’m guilty of falling into that comfortable clothes rut!!

Last week, the general theme seemed to be midi skirts and boots; 1) I knew I’d kick myself if the Psychic3 sold out and I hadn’t got my hands on them 2) I found the perfect polka dot midi that resembles the one I blogged about earlier 3) this skirt is a little “Hiiiiiii” but I love it!

Shoes and socks - Topshop

I’ve touched on the fact that I’ve become a sucker for rolled up jeans with socks before but I think this is my ultimate combination.

I seem to be wearing everything with red nails and matching lips.


  1. Perfect outfits, the polka dot dress is lovely glad you managed to fine one!
    I'm into comfy clothes at the moment too, I think it may be due to the over eating at christmas and how cold its gotten! Currently sat in Cafe Nero wearing jeans, converse, a guys tee and a hoody, how boring haha

  2. OMG I really want to bloody raid your wardrobe! How many amazing pair of Toppers boots do you own? :p I love all these combos. Those shoes and socks would look amazing together. xx

  3. well long time now speak, was going to Tweet you but couldn't find you.

    Firstly, you are looking great!! Just been catching up and I love your new approach to wearing nice clothes everyday. I should try the same ha!

    The gothic look looked FAB on you!

    Buts... a.k.a Boots made me laugh! I get it!! ha ha! I'm sure you do say boots and not BUTS though! While we are on the subject of boots, I have only one pair of heeled boots, BUT having seen your lovely ASOS collection I am on their website now! I love all of yours!!

    Hope London is still treating you well, I was there in Nov & Dec!!! Love that place!!

    Take care luv

    Joanne xx

  4. Totally loving your boot collection want all of them xoxo

  5. I want the polka dot dress. AND YOU HAVE THE GORGEOUS CAMEL TOPSHOP BOOTS! Ow, I keep debating these in the blue velvet!x

  6. Look 2 and 3 are my fave! I adore socks with flat shoes or ankle boots too the effect is really great :)

  7. absolutely love that last leopardy topshop skirt, did u get it recently? i couldnt find it online

    1. I managed to find it in the Jan sales! Good luck finding one! X

  8. Love that last skirt from Topshop - very fierce! Red nails and lips never got out of fashion *she types while wearing both* :) x

  9. Thought you'd like my leather jacket as you're such a fan of Topshop boutique! It's so soft and comfy. Perfect for wearing at work :) I love all your boots Mo. What a fab resolution to wear your good clothes more often. I like making an effort as much as I can and you feel really good for it. Compliments make the day go better! xx

  10. You have the best shoe/boot collection ever!!! xxx

  11. Good to hear your still wearing clothes! I'm totally jealous that you have the topshop boots in the first pic, though I pretty much want everything here! x

  12. you have some seriously awesome boots! love them all!