Friday, 26 August 2011

One Day

Body Chain - Urban Outfitters
Vest and Jeans - Topshop
Kimono - Asos
Boots - Topshop (via ebay)

About a year ago, I was far to unconfident to start my own blog. I used to spend my free time at work reading blogs, then sourcing out all the clothes, shoes and accessories I loved, but never show them off. This body harness / necklace is a good example of this. I asked my poor dad for one for Christmas last year then had to point him in the direction of the Urban Outfitters website 2 weeks later. As much as I do love it and swoon over other bloggers who wear them I still never think to put it on. I love accessories but I just don’t ever feel I have any kind of edge to pull them off. I just feel awkward in them, rather than the cool, adorned goddess look everyone else seems to pull off. Despite this, I will probably never learn my lesson and continue to buy dozens of rings in one go, shove them all on and hope for the best – only to take them off an hour later, then worry they are getting squashed in my bag.

I wish I was an avid reader, but I’m not. One Day is the only book I have picked up and read almost cover to cover without putting it down. The love I have for this book is pretty intense so last night me and some friends (who also LOVE the book) went to see the film. All I can say is that it is the perfect accompaniment to the book and really brought things to life for me, without ruining them. I would say however, that if you haven’t read the book then the film would most likely be pretty mundane.

Also, I should really mention how amazing the Antlers gig was. Midnight seemed to be the perfect time to watch them. You should check out these pictures.  I would also like to be a wee sap and say thanks to my gorgeous boyfriend because without him I would never experience things like that.

Does anyone have anything exciting planned for the bank holiday weekend? I’m going to try my best to behave and relax. Danny is taking me to Brighton on Monday though, the place I most want to go but have never been. Overly excited! Hope you all have a good one.


  1. Ahh I swear I couldn't written this! I always feel totally unedgy and lame.. I put on rings then take them off at work, and always have a few randomly in my bag!
    I've just started reading One Day, my friend is telling me to hurry up so we can go see the film! I guess I'll have the time what with being unemployed from tomorrow :p
    Hoping to go to Southwold on monday if the weather is nice (a big if..) Can't believe you've never been to Brighton! Enjoy :) xx

  2. Mo jo you are the cutest!!!! You look fab in your body chain, defo an adorned goddess with heaps of edge always sweetie pie.
    I have seen the film advertised and wondered if the book was any good will defo purchase now.

    Have a fab bank holiday lovely xx

  3. What are you one about you always look cool in everything you wear! Cannot believe you haven't been to Brighton, you will love it, definitely one of my most favourite places. I'm glad you said that One Day was good because I keep seeing rubbish reviews and it would break my heart if it didn't live up to expectations! x

  4. I'm the exact same, my edgy rings slowly end up in my bag over the course of the day!
    Might look into this One Day book and see if I fancy it!

  5. This is the only good review of one day I have read! I am looking forward to seeing it.. and of course, loved the book! I'll reserve my opnions until I have seen it! Love this outfit, especially that kimono and (obvs.) the body chain too! :) xxxx

  6. I second that - i have jewellery scattered everywhere because i end up taking them off during the day, they get in the way when i work. And I also have a stash of rings in various bags, too. xxx

  7. The harness looks awesome hun and you should not think like this as you also look amazing.

    Good luck with the hair mix it with conditioner if you are scared as the colour is quite intense cant wait too see the results. I am sadly working this Bank Holiday the curse of working in retail :(( xoxo

  8. So funny, we all seem to be thinking the same thing! I'm off to Ibiza tomorrow until Wednesday - yay!!! XXX

  9. thanks for the comment and follow! love your jacket and shoes, gorgeous x

  10. That's the coolest vest! And I love those booties! And I think you should accessorize it up - it's tons of fun! :)

    sorelle in style

  11. that is a really cool necklace! i'm not really an accessories person either but it rocks on you, i'd looked like i'd got stuck in some form of railing :P haha, love this outfit xxx

  12. I love the shoes and the outfit is adorable! you look great!
    I just found your blog and i love it!
    we should Follow eachother ^o^

  13. love love love!!!! really weird haha but i have been lusting after these topshop boots for such a long time, i could never afford them when they were actually in the shop and ALSO i have seen that kimono on asos and was going to get it in white! you look lovely in them both though. xxx