Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Oh Hiya

I managed to get back from my travels in one piece – which at times felt like it would never happen. Now, I am clearly full of the holiday blues and wishing I was waking up to the basking sun, even lugging around my backpack would be fine.

I have a few random pictures for you but to be honest – they are not the best and are only of the festival. My only friend that took a camera, managed to lose it on the second night so these are just stolen from facebook (although to be fair with the amount of hilarity going on, I’m not sure my own pictures would be any better.) I won’t even go into the story of how she lost her camera but I will tell you that it involves a black eye!!

We spent the first 3 nights in Prague, which was nice but not as good as I had expected then headed to Budapest (AMAZING) for Sziget festival.

I’m not really sure if any of my holiday stories are overly appropriate, or if they would bore you to tears or not but I think these few snaps sum up how drunken the week was. We basically woke up every morning and tried to sunbathe, watched the most amazing bands (Prince, Pulp, Kasabian, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, The National and White Lies, to reel off a few)  then danced around like nutters until it all ended.

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the festival was. The atmosphere was just unbelievably chilled out and with only a handful of British people there it made it all the more amazing and fun. I’ll definitely go back next year and the thought of now attending a UK festival fills me with little excitement.

I knew the travels would be wild. I had numerous warnings from friends and family before I left advising me to “please be careful and look after each other” but I don’t think I expected the festival to be as crazy as it was. A group of Dutch boys we were camped next to asked the only guy in our group how he managed to ‘get’ four woman, to which he replied “they are not woman!! They can drink much more than I ever could and they have the most ridiculous banter going.” Haha!! He did assure us that this was meant only as a compliment. Some poor Hungarian bar man actually asked us if after a litre of vodka each, if we really did want a cocktail that had no mixer in it?!

I also gained the nick name Baby Jesus. With a name like Morag, no one ever understood – even Londoners struggle to grasp my overly Scottish name. After spelling out Mo over 50 times (M! O!) we decided that baby jesus was more fitting, until we came across a born again Christian who got a little excited.
Drinking Mojitos from watering cans


Don't worry - I didn't actually eat this!

Pretending to need the toilet???!
So after a week of camping we travelled to Pag Island in Croatia. It was exactly what we need. The island had the most amazing clear sea that scrubbed away a week of dirt and some stinking hangovers. We did actually chill out a bit in Croatia and made the most of the beach, cider and nice restaurants. Here is a snap of the sunset, which was just amazing.

Before returning to London we spent a night in Amsterdam which was the perfect way to end the best 2 and a half weeks of my life! I clearly lost a few brain cells however and all I can say is deciding to return to work yesterday (10 hours after stepping off the plane) was not a smart idea! I spent most of the day thinking I was going to cry or staring into blank space.

So now my summer is officially over I’m taking myself into Oxford street tonight to buy some jumpers and start my winter wardrobe fun! I just wish I didn’t have to hide the best tan I’ve probably ever had!!

I can not wait to actually catch up on everyone’s blogs – I was a total loser and missed blogging while I was away!

Hope you're all good.


  1. Nice to see you back :D I've always wanted to go to Sziget since I interailed around Europe and loved Budapest, most amazing beautiful crazy city ever! Hope you get to show off your tan! Glad you had so much fun xx

  2. Oh my lord, it sounds amazing! I'm so so jealous. The Crotian sunset looks beautiful and, of course, the festival looks and sounds amazing.

    Rosie x

  3. I love these piccys so lovely and you look FIT.

    Looks like you had a ball as well.

    Do you have a bun head in?


  4. Good to have the mo jo back!! Looks like you had the best time ever, well jel!! Glad you had a fab time welcome back to the rain bet you missed it muchos naaatttttttt!


  5. Awwww sounds like you had an amazing time and what a beautiful British welcome for you rain :)) xoxo

  6. Looks so, so amazing! Take me with you next time?! XXX

  7. Sounds like you had an amazing time!! i wanna go to the Budapest festival next year, major jealous! UK festivals just dont appeal to me anymore! xx

  8. This looks like the funnest trip ever!! Reallyy want to go to the sziget (definitely had to scroll back up to check my spelling lol) festival now! x