Friday, 29 July 2011

Birthday Outfit

Skirt - Topshop
Necklace - Urban Outfitters

I love choosing an outfit to wear for my birthday, it can sometimes be the best thing about it – like a little present to yourself, almost! I posted about this skirt a few weeks ago and decided it would be perfect.

I’m going out straight form work tonight (yes, I am working on my birthday!! Unheard of for me!) Instead of changing later I decided to be brave and wear it to work – currently hiding in my office so no comments as of yet! I’m off to a little pub tonight to drink beer and play ping pong! (the actual game yeah, closest thing to sport I’ve done since P.E. at school!) Tomorrow I want to visit the National Portrait Gallery as I love that place – they have the best painting of Paul McCartney ever, I could stare at it for hours. My closest friends in London are all away this weekend so no girly fun for me! Although I’m sure we will make up for this when we all meet up in Prague next week.

Yesterday, me and the older women I now work with were chatting away about birthdays and being young/old. We were reminiscing about where we thought we would be at certain stages in our lives. All I remember is being about 9 years old and thinking that at the age of 16 I would be really tall, have long blonde hair, big boobs and a boyfriend!?? Careers or homeownership are still no higher on my list today, I’d still really like to be tall with long hair though – I’ll leave the big boobs thanks! They all said their advise to young people would be to start saving early as things only get harder. My advise would be enjoy your 20’s and save the serious stuff for later - alcohol, sex and shopping all get 100 times better in your mid 20’s so don’t waste them.

I’ll be sure to post over the weekend about all the things I’ve been up to. Hope you all have a good one!

Oh – the jacket is back!


  1. Ahhh that skirt! I saw a sales asisstent wearing it too and I was like 'oh, hello!!!' it looks fantastic. I've been liking blue a lot lately.

    Hope the day goes fast for you so you can hurry and enjoy your birthday celebrations and ping pong was the only sport I enjoyd at school ha!

    I remember thinking I'll be tall too, I still don't feel 20 though, I mean a lady thought I was under 16 the other day though! The lady at my bank said don't rent; get a morgage! but that seems a bit hasty to me, I think renting helps you sort of find your feet.

    Happy Birthday and have a great night, enjoy it! :) xxx

  2. How did I never realise you have a tattoo before?! Idiot danni. Anyway, I love it :) and the maxi suits you so well.
    I think when I was 9 all I really wanted to be was an artist slash marine biologist. Now I want to work in social media and I didn't even know it existed when I was that young! Times change eh? x

  3. I agree - I can't be bothered with worrying at the moment even though I have practically NO money haha.
    Love love love the birthday outfit.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY - have a fab night tonight,

    Rosie x

  4. Love the outfit, you look fab.

    Sadie x

  5. You look unreal babe.

    Love the skirt, I'm deffs needing to embrace colour this colour really suits you.

    Happy birthday to my bessie I love you lots.

    have a fab weekend xxxx

  6. The outfit is very pretty and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Have fun playing ping pong!

    Rianna xxx

  7. Looking amazing and I think I will take your little bit of advice, I plan to enjoy my spending, drinking and dancing when young and worry about money later! Not one to deprive myself of a nice dress and shoes!
    Happy birthday gorg and ps-love your hair! xxx

  8. Happy birthday! Your outfit is amazing you were right to wear it to work. Hope you have a great night x

  9. Absolutely love this skirt!

  10. Happy belated birthday! I love the colour of your skirt. x hivenn

  11. Great outfit choice hun, looking hot!

    Have a blast of a Birthday xx

  12. I am so sorry I missed your birthday post but Happy belated Birthday you look gorgeous fab birthday outfit so funny reading you post about age and getting older I am terrible at saving I have too much fun spending xoxo

  13. Mo jo love this outfit, skirt is amazing stunning colour. Very funny post you do make me laugh xoxo