Thursday, 31 March 2011

YAYER: For the 90's Grunge In Me

From a young age, I have been obsessed with the 90's grunge look. I took my childhood inspiration from shows such as 'My So Called Life', '90210' (original) and even 'The Babysitters Club'. Each morning, Ebay sends me an email, informing me of all the 90's grunge items that have been listed. I started to give up hope as not even the Californian vintage shops could tempt me. Then YAYER took the blogging world by storm and my dreams of creating this trend were realized. 

Here are two items I bought from the online store. The first is such an amazingly, grungy cardigan and the second is this gorgeous, oversized, silk top. I could not have been happier with the service I received and the quality of the items - definitely beats shopping on Ebay for vintage. 

I love the fit of the cardigan, as it's slouchy and oversized but doesn't drown me or make me look like a whale. I styled the top for a night out and think I have discovered my 'go -to' look. It was made for these American Apparel bloomers, love it tucked in and out. Little nod to my new necklace too - Urban Outfitters, I love you!! 

Here are some other pieces I am lusting after, the styling is great and you feel like you are buying a whole look with just one item. It's not just the 90's grunge look, they cover pretty much every trend. Even if you have the will power not to purchase most of the store, their lookbook is great for inspiration. Here are some of my favorite images;

To get daily updates from the store you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook but be warned - you will love the site and you will want to buy one of everything. But hey, check out the site and fall in love, HERE. 


  1. I love that cardigan you bought :) I only heard about them recently through their competition - and I'm rathurr impressed, now to save the pennies! x

  2. My Moses is SO HOTTT!!!
    So funny my yayer order was this silk tunic also! hahaha- love our daily 'twin moments'
    Babe thanks to you showing me some love on previous post I've gained followers and I've never received as many comments on a post before-berloody brilliant... so a MASS off thank you to you baby.
    I love the cardigan and im lusting after the bodice that the models style the outfits with shame they dont stock these. You okays? xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. jordan catalono. i still get butterflies when i think of him on that show. gonna check out yayer! thanks! :)

  4. love the second look! Gorgeous top and necklace.


  5. I love Yayer! I also love that cardigan on you, it suits you so well!

  6. Ahh I LOVE the silk top - absolutely amazing! I want x

  7. Love your style!! The cardi looks great!
    Check it out sometime dear:)


  8. You really have a great style! <3 it! And your hair is beautiful!

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. you look great! love the first look, awesome cardi!

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