Thursday, 31 March 2011

Blonde(ish) Jokes

Cardigan - Yayer
Shorts - Vintage Levi
I know I blogged earlier today and used this above picture in the post but I had a few things to share so thought I'd bore you all with another post! Sorry!! So, this is my hair. Quite a subtle change but hopefully by the summer my hair will resemble this...

A girl can dream! I wouldn't mind having a face transplant too, this girl is a BABE! Someone called me weird the other day becasue I actually wish I was other people all the time and obsess over looking and styling myself like this person! I thought everyone did this?

I love the cardigan I purchased from Yayer, I think it is going to be a key piece in the run up to summer but also a nice lazy Sunday cardi. Can I also just say that I think my chest may be shrinking!! Is this possible? I look as flat as a pancake in the above photo... maybe if I eat more cake they will grow?

The banter was flowing in my office yesterday, so many funny conversations and not a lot of work. I love days like that. The matter of my shrinking chest was mentioned and how I should shave my head and go for the full on androgynous look. The funniest comment was made by my male colleague though "Mo, I like your camel toe today"
"What? I don't have a camel toe?!!!"
"I know but I just love to say that"
Also while reading an article on how some woman feel to fat to have sex my colleague said "well that is just ridiculous and not physically possible. Men prefer a bit of meat - more cushion for the pushing!" I'll leave you with that thought.

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  1. I reallllly want that cardigan! xxxx

  2. this girl is a babe but you are a MASSIVE babe.
    I'll have your face then if its going spare? haha (sounds weird)
    Are you growing your fringeymingey(?!)out? :O You know I love your fringe.
    SO going have to purchase again from yayer after your cardi post.
    LUFF that you purchased the ring, amaze..cant wait to see on you!
    Your camel toe friend sounds HILAR, and I want to work with you!

  3. The cardy looks seriously cosy :) I love a bit of office banter, it can be quite entertaining where I work too! x

  4. i adore your cardigan!! and you are for sure a babe!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. Ah babe you're prettier!
    Love your banter :) Amy,x

  6. yes I'm going to keep them, I think on your advice and I can dress them up or down and plus black goes with SO much more...
    Imagine working with my twin- what a dream.
    What you up to tonight mose' anything excites? you do watch essex dont you? catch model agency last night?- last one next week apparently!? WEEP!!!

  7. You look beautiful !!!

    LOVE minnja

  8. Haha, she's gorgeous but you're a bigger BABE than her ;). I love your cardigan too, I've become completely obsessed with Yayer! x

  9. Haha! Work banter. Gotta love it. You are adorable! Love that cardigan! xoxo

  10. Thanks for your sweet, sweet comment! What a cute blog -- definitely following now -- cheers!

  11. I do this all the time! My girl crush is Alexa Chung. This cardi is lush. Thanks for the comment :).

    Helen, X

  12. i don't blame you for wanting to look like lara!
    i mean, i have my days where i'd kill to be her aswell.
    kate bosworth is a constant obsession for me though. she just has everything.
    thank you for your comments, gorgeous! x.