Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Poncho and a Feather

Poncho - H&M
Denim Shorts - Vintage
Shoes - ASOS
Cross Neckalce - Topman
Feather Necklace - H&M
I can not get enough of ponchos at the moment - they are so comfortable and hide a million flaws. Also loving feathers. The five dream catchers I ordered from Ebay arrived yesterday and I am seriously in love with them all, there will be feathers all over my room in no time.
I'm so excited today as my gorgeous flatmate Ben is doing my hair for me after work. He works in the Sassoon salon near my office so it's very handy and I can not argue with his discounted rates. He will be darkening the top again and hopefully taking it lower. No cutting though as I am on a hair growing mission. Dam that stupid ex who advised me to chop off all my hair - Dam me more for actually doing it!!


  1. Your poncho is beautiful! I need to dig mine out haha :).

    My hair has finally reached my ideal length - a long process but so worth it! x

  2. oh my, i am in love with that poncho!!!

  3. I really like the poncho must keep you so warm! x

  4. such a cute poncho!


  5. gorgeous poncho!!!! uve got style!!!

    xoxo jenna

  6. Love that poncho hun. The H+M necklace I heart it, I have it in tan. I debated on colours but I may have to get that one too. Your hair is beautiful chick, enjoy getting pampered.


  7. Hello beautiful!I love your outfit! Come to my blog and tell me what do you think.. I accept the criticism!
    Excuse my English!


  8. Just realised you're a follower, thanks.
    Really like your blog and the poncho x

  9. I love your poncho, it looks great! I also have a thing for feathers at the moment, great blog:) x

  10. you can make a poncho stylish.... what?! love it :) x

  11. Fabulous poncho loving all the accessories too I am a little addicted to feathers too at the moment xoxo

  12. I like your poncho and your rings !!
    Look my blog and follow me if you want xxx

  13. i love this poncho!looks great on you :) where abouts in scotland are you originally from!?X