Monday, 21 February 2011

Inspiration Attempt

Shirt - Topshop
Bag - Urban Outfitters

So, here is an attempt at one of the outfits in my Inspiration post. Not so effortlessly cool or scruffy but I do love over sized tops and bags.
Once the weather is warmer I will definitely be trying out the other MK looks and if I ever manage to grow a foot and gain the ideal figure I'll give the Moss looks a shot too.


  1. Great outfit, doesn't look try hard at all which I like but yet it still remains really fashionable.

    Katie. x

  2. I love over-sized bags and this one is great! Looks like it has studs down one side? Lovely anyway :) xx

  3. love the bag babe..

    grow a foot? I got the feeling from the pictures you were really tall, no?


  4. i love checkered shirts and this look is amazing on you! ^^ plus i think you do already look really tall too :P x

  5. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    i know they are really cute! i seriously wish i could paint/draw like that.
    anyways, i better keep dreaming.
    lovely blog you've got here <3