Monday, 7 February 2011

Obsession Four

Crotchet Shorts - River Island
Black Bloomers - American Apparel

Black & Beige - Urban Outfitters
White - Zara
It seems that without even realising, my wardrobe already holds spring/summer lust items in the form of crochet and lace. None of these are recent purchases, it was only when I was trying to clear space in my wardrobe the other day that I noticed a theme appearing. In my first Obsession post I touched on the fact that once I take a liking to something I buy it until I move on to the next thing. Must have collected these with out even noticing. 
River Island is normally a shop I avoid like the plague but I wondered in, bored one day and found the first pair of pictured shorts in the sale rack for an absolute bargain - £15!! I can't wait for summer to get them on! The second pair of shorts were worn  here - again I'm looking forward to wearing these more in the summer. 
I love waistcoats and these two are my favourite, the give a Sienna Miller feel to plain, simple vest tops. 

Oh, this is one of my favourite dresses ever!! It's a vintage night dress that I picked up in Beyond Retro for something crazy like £7. I've only ever worn it once, really dressed down with a denim waistcoat and flat sandals. I think it might be a bit much done up. The blouse below was another bargain, £5 picked up from a vintage market. The body is pretty plain but I just love the sleeves. 

Below are two Topshop items. I love the first one, kind of kimono/vintage style dressing gown. I've seen a few other bloggers with it and they have definitely inspired me to wear it more often. 


I think it is safe to say that now I've realised I have these pieces, lace and crochet are going to be even more prominent in my wardrobe! I've already been scouring eBay this evening for some pieces and have my eye on a gorgeous vintage bag. Who would have guessed, I'd be falling for the romantic look!! 

Sorry about the rubbish pictures, but attempting to take pictures of myself in all of these was too much for me on a Monday! 


  1. Now im obsessed woth the shorts too.

    Follow each other?

  2. I'm loving crochet and lace too - v envious of your lustworth collection, especially that last top! Sally x

  3. wow no need to spend any money on your summer outfits babe!

    I must come and raid your wardrobe im very unprepared for summer.xxxx

  4. Love all chick very much. I adore that black slip amazing, I want it lol. Very stylish and a fab collection of loveliness. I wanted those shorts from River Island but I didn't get round to it (sad face).

    Roll on summer to wear your delights in the sunshine.

  5. Great selection! Your blog is seriously cool!! xxxxxxxxx