Thursday, 27 January 2011

Freezing Cold

Jumper - H&M
Vest - Topshop
Shorts - Topshop
Shoes - New Look

I know I shouldn't complain about feeling cold, seeing as I no longer live in Scotland but today I just can't stop shivering.  I woke up to find that the heating was off and I'd managed to throw my blanket on the floor whilst I was sleeping. Great start to the day. Probably not dressed too appropriately either, but I had planned to wear this today and I wasn't prepared to change my mind. This is my new favourite jumper. 
Me and my friend from work are heading down Covent Garden at lunch to take some snaps of the area we enjoy shopping in so much - can't wait! So this outfit will probably feature heavily in the next post.  


  1. I loveeee Covent Garden! I miss it :( Will have to make a trip soon, seems so far away since I moved to uni!

    Have you been to Cyber Candy just round the corner?

    I love the outfit, u look fab. I can never seem to pull off that bun, u really do though! xo

  2. cute