Tuesday, 28 December 2010


OK, so after almost a year of fantasising about starting my own blog, tonight I finally found the guts. Crazy, I know. It must be the excitement of escaping back to London tomorrow morning.
Reading blogs has become an obsession of mine and often lands me in trouble at work, where I would much rather be inspired by others thought's than...well actually working.
The thought of asking a friend to take pictures of me, while I pose in outfits or actually finding an appropriate backdrop in my 'eastend slum' for these pictures is still a bit daunting but deep inside I must have an inner poser who will hopefully appear.
I have been asked, on a few occasions, while out and about in London town if other bloggers can take my picture for street style features on their blogs, Although extremely flattered, I often shrug off the compliment as running around in no makeup is a bad habit I have sadly adopted. New years resolution number 1 is to stop this!
Never the less, my love for dressing up, styling, shopping and London has prevailed, so here I go.

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  1. Hello,
    thanks for following my blog :)
    and congrats on starting yours, its going great!