Thursday, 30 December 2010

Girl on Fire

I drunkenly wrote this on the wall of my old bedroom!! Woops!!

So, I thought it was only appropriate for my first real post to be a tribute to my most idolised female. Edie Sedgwick. Like most people I have met, who know enough about Edie, I have developed a deep love/obsession for her. As this post will scarily reveal.
There is still something niggling in my mind as to why I idolise her so much. Obviously her style was enchanting - from the stemmed fishnets and fur to the hats and earrings. She was clearly beautiful, both in her later life when she went back to a very natural and youthful look and with the "mask" of makeup and silver hair spray she sported during her times at the factory. From all the footage I've seen she seemed like someone I would love meet - probably just the once, but still. Is it right to idolise someone so much who was brought up around a lot of confusion and after years of drug abuse and institutionalisation ended up taking her own life at 28?

Two years ago, my friend and I attended a Halloween party, where the theme was dead celebrities. At that time, I had only seen 'Factory Girl' so wasn't as clued up on Edie (please excuse the rubbish costume!) Never the less, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to dress up as the character Sienna Miller portrayed so well. The obsession started...

I have read any book I can find on Edie, or any I feel may talk about her in brief spells. My personal favourite is 'Edie:American Girl' by Jean Stein.

Although I hardly wear these items, I cherish them. I found my first pair of 'Edie earings' by surprise, in an H&M sale for a £1 or something ridiculous like that. I feel they capture the essence of her perfectly and really resemble a pair I've seen her wear in photos, although they are not the best quality. The second pair are definitely of a higher quality - the cost me £28 from Urban Outfitters!! I didn't care however, as I love them!!! Not so 'Edie', but just enough. I feel the fact that the first pair were priceless makes paying £28 for them OK. The top is a perfect 60's / Edie find. The high neck, trimmed sleeves and ill fitting, box shape it gives are amazing. I found it in Beyond Retro in Soho for £7 - Bargain!!! I have to admit that I only ever wear it while prancing around my bedroom with a pair of thick tights and black pants!! Not an outdoor outfit.

A friend of mine, who used to stay up late with me to watch Factory Girl painted these beautiful pictures. He studied in Sheffield and gained a first in his Art degree. So talented! Edie looks like some kind of bubble head - but she's perfect. It's just the angle of my photo.
We used to watch Factory Girl while drinking and chain smoking (I know, disgusting!! I am a filthy smoker!) Then dress up in all my clothes to resemble Edie and Bob.

I, like most Edie fans, am not a fan of Andy Warhol! But bless my poor dad, he struggles to find Edie themed presents so showers me with Warhol gifts. From books to playing cards and for a stocking filler this year, some fridge magnets!! However, I did find a use for one of the books he got me! I cut out all of the pictures and made this weird kind of mural. I think it looks great and really breaks up my giant room.

The best Christmas present I got this year was 'Ciao! Manhattan' - even topping my mums fur stole she wore in the 60's-70's that she begrudgingly handed down to me. I casually asked my dad for it after struggling to find it myself. I came across it on Amazon one morning for the bargain price of £60!!! I quickly emailed my dad, playing innocent to the fact it cost so much.
'Factory Girl' obviously shows everything through rose tinted glasses and I was not dumb to this. Having read all the books, I thought I'd be ready for 'Ciao! Manhattan' but I'm ashamed to admit that I wasn't! I'm really glad that I've seen it, that I own it and can go back to it but it was brutal.
I am away to watch Factory Girl again as I feel the need to watch Edie and Bob. Also to smoke myself into oblivion - anyone who smokes can not light up at least ten times through that film.
I have to say that Sienna did a fabulous job!! The voice and body movements were spot on.

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