Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fresh Face

A trip to Space NK or the John Lewis beauty hall is just as fulfilling as a trip to Zara for me these days, so I’m hoping to incorporate more makeup and skin care into my blog. One thing that will never change is my love for Sienna. When I saw this picture months ago her fresh faced barely there makeup really caught my eye and I have since been channelling a much fresher look. 

I love her dewy skin in this picture and for me you can’t beat a good tinted moisturiser. Daily, I use Laura Mercier but I recently purchased the Chantecaille Just Skin tinted moisturiser in the colour glow. This is a bit on the extravagant side (only to be used on special occasions) but it is worth the price tag a million times over if you’re looking for a really dewy tinted moisturiser which also provides good coverage. It’s nice and light and gives the skin a perfect glow. I would use it to try and capture this look as a thin layer is pretty much all you need. (I used to suffer from acne so for me saying a thin layer of tinted moisturiser is all you need is something pretty special!!) 

I have recently found myself with really heavy eyes and two dark circles to compliment the look. I swipe on a tiny bit of the Origins Plantscription Anti-aging concealor in colour 02 to help banish them. I wouldn’t say this product is a miracle worker but its nice and light and really bright which does help to freshen up my eyes. 

I wouldn’t use any powder or bronzer with this look. The Chantecaille tinted moisturiser in glow has warm tones to it so for me no bronzer is really needed. Blusher is a must of course and NARS deep throat(the lighter pink on the left of the duo) gives the perfect natural looking glow. 

Sienna’s brows are to die for!! Unfortunately, due to me being an over enthusiastic 16 year old I have very little natural brow left to work with so the Laura Mercier brow pencil in blonde is a god send. 

Moving onto the eye makeup Nars Edie eyeshadow has the right amount of sparkle to it brighten the lids but is subtle enough to look really natural – I love this shade so much that I wear it almost every day. (Being obsessed with Edie Sedgewick led me to purchase the Any Warhol Nars set which included this eyeshadow and the blusher duo above, but the colour is available to buy separately.) It looks as though Sienna has a subtle sweep of liner to her top lids which is perfect for me as I look like an absolute eyeball freak if I don’t use eyeliner on my top lid. I generally use the MAC fluidline in Blacktrack. I recently purchased the BobbiBrown extreme party mascara and I am not disappointed so far. I think I do prefer the Benefit They’re Real however.

Lastly (well done if you are still with me) I use the Laura Mercier hydratint in rose tint. My lips are pretty dry so this range is great and keeping lips looking hydrated and glossy with just a tiny hint of colour. This colour looks a lot brighter in the stick but comes out really similar to the colour Sienna is wearing.

Now just give me a year to get my hair in better condition.


  1. Sienna's so pretty! I really wanted that Edie set, absolutely love NARS! x

  2. Sienna's so gorgeous! Did you watch The Girl? She looked so stunning! I don't know a thing about make up (such a rubbish girl!) but I love the look of those NARS blushes...such pretty shades of pink! xxx