Tuesday, 14 August 2012


 Vest and Boots - Topshop, Jeans - Zara, Bag & Jewellery - Urban Outfitters

After a very busy and horrible two weeks I had one of the best weekends, so I was inspired to give my blog some attention.

Sunday was an amazing day to be in London! Two weeks ago I celebrated my four year anniversary here and I can honestly say it has been the best four years of my life. We were so lucky to get tickets to Hyde Park on Sunday for what was probably the best gig I’ve ever been to (sorry for describing everything as ‘the best’ or ‘amazing’ but it really was and I’m not the most descriptive person anyway)! So yeah we got to see Blur, The Specials and New Order!! Kind of speaks for itself really. I got a bit emotional when New Order sung ‘Love will Tear us Apart’, got a bit stupid when The Specials sung ‘Stop your Messing Around’ and was a mixed bag of emotions for Blur.

I wore the above outfit as I thought it was going to rain and I thought I was being all sensible wearing jeans and boots! I’m normally that person that wears shorts/a dress then when it rains go in a raging mood and demand to go home!! Anyway it was so hot and so busy that it’s safe to say I was a sweaty mess half way through! I do love this little vest from Topshop, the shape is really flattering and DIY’d up my favourite Zara jeans so that I looked mega cool with slashes!! I have to say that I was also really pleased to see a distinct lack of denim hot pants going on in Hyde Park!

When I got home I stayed up to watch the Closing Ceremony and was a little in awe of Kate Moss to enjoy the rest of it – mega BABE. My flatmate works in a pub in Highgate (Mosses neck of the woods) and actually ended up serving her on Saturday day! I’m still obviously really jealous about that!

 Dress - Topshop Boutique, Boots - Office

I also had a great day on Saturday. After completely stressing out that I was soon to be homeless (flat hunting in London is so competitive and such a hassle) Me and Danny found a gorgeous little flat by Stoke Newington that we can’t wait to move into! This is the first flat I will be sharing with a boy so if anyone has any tips they want to throw my way I’d really appreciate them! We are hopefully moving in on the 28th so although I really can’t wait I need to make the most of my own double bed until then.

Seeing as the sun properly came out on Saturday I had to take my chance to wear this Topshop Boutique dress. Only thing is that I met my friends and baby Iona for lunch and managed to spill tomato sauce and get baby slavers all down it – perfect!

So if you have managed to read this whole post then thanks!!

Hopefully I’ll be back regularly from now on.


  1. love the outfits, topshop have some lovely stuff in at the moment!

  2. Haha I read it all! Congrats on finding a flat and moving in with your man, I found it super stressful when we lived in Muswell Hill, like a bidding war just to rent a flat!! Super jealous of the Hyde Park gig, amazing line up :) though I've seen Blur and Specials, who are both great aren't they? Ok will end this comment now, too many superlatives.. xx

  3. Hey doll sounds like you have had a fab time and your outfit looks awesome loving the diy slash jeans. How amazing that your friend served Kate Moss I would of been so star struck she is my all time icon and she looked stunning at the closing ceremony her and Russell Brand were totally my fav moments xoox

  4. great post!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  5. Fab outfits lovely - the slashed jeans are just amazing! I'm moving to london for uni next month, so glad I got into halls or I'd have a total breakdown figuring where (and how) to live ;] Glad to hear you found a flat, hope the move goes well!

  6. Both amazing outfits as usual! Love the topshop dress and top too :) congrats on 4 years together and moving in, so exciting! Me and my boyfriend have just started living together in our own flat too & I'm loving it :)!xx

  7. P.s might bump into you as I'm just down the road in Clapton!

  8. I love your vest, the cut is so lovely! Looking gorge as always. Well jel you went to Hyde Park I would've loved to have seen New Order, I would've totally cried when they sang Love Will Tear Us Apart. And even more so of your pal, I think I was to serve Mossy I'd be spilling drinks all over her haha. Congrats on finding a flat and moving in together, how exciting I hope the move goes well! I'm glad you had a lovely weekend after a crappy couple of weeks.

    OH and thanks for your really lovely comment, yes Zara was way cheaper I kept seeing things I'd bought at home and was gutted! Definitely wished I'd had more room in suitcase to buy stuff xxx

  9. I love both of these outfits :) the cut of the top is really flattering on you and I love how you DIY'd your trousers. Also loving your striped midi dress. I was in London over the weekend there was such a great atmosphere. Kate Moss is a total babe!

    Jo. x

  10. Aww it's so exciting that you're moving in with your boyfriend, I'm very jealous! Also super jealous of the Hyde Park concert, sounds amazing! Lovely outfits too :)

  11. Glad flat hunting went well, you will have to show us some snaps of your new pad once you're settled - I'm a right nosy parker!

    I can imagine the gigs to be immense, all that atmosphere! Very jealous indeed. You always suit really simple outfits so well, jeans and a white top - classic! I tend to do that too with the sensible clothing, half the time I get it wrong and I'm either a sweaty mess or just completely freezing! xx

  12. I've tried on that Boutique dress! It's so gorgeous but it didn't suit me as much as it suits you. Glad you found a flat you like and good luck with the big move. So grown up living with a boy! xx

  13. you look absolutely gorgeous.
    so fab!

    following x