Monday, 18 June 2012

Living in Jeans

 Jeans and Bag - Zara, Boots - Urban Outfitters, Jumper - American Apparel, Jacket - H&M Trend, Rings - Topshop, Belt - Vintage

Hello, hope everyone had a good weekend.

Mine was nice. I went out on Friday night for drinks with some friends after work, which turned into a bit of  heavy night and ended with me in bed feeling a little dizzy and sending incomprehensible texts to my boyfriend...anyone else can’t be bothered correcting spelling mistakes such as ‘kjsfhmvz’ when drunk?

I wore the above outfit. I live in jeans at the moment and have been gathering a good collection but I think these are my favourite, they are the black version of the white pair I previously mentioned. This little cardigan/jacket is an oldie but a goodie from H&M trend – I haven’t had a chance to have a look in there for a few weeks now and am itching to see what new gems they have in. I picked up some of these basic sweaters from American Apparel and have been finding them ideal for this weather. Pretty simple look but I think in my old age I’m swaying much more towards a more basic style. 

 Jumper - American Apparel, Jacket - H&M Trend, Jeans and Shoes - Urban Outfitters.

Then on Saturday I went to watch Danny play in a wee football tournament and wore this, which is quite similar to the above with the jumper and cardigan but also slightly “oh hiya!! Look at my leopard print legs!!” I wanted these jeans from UO for ages but thought they might be a one wear item so held off buying them until I spotted them in the sale last week.

So even though Friday was payday for me I haven’t been shopping yet!! I’m about to go and drool over the boots on Nasty Gal. I ordered a pair a month ago and they finally arrived on Friday...I can’t wait to show you them!! I would love to own every single pair and am really tempted to buy some more but the fact that express shipping took a month and I had to pay £30 custom charges to actually get them is really putting me off!!

Also, sorry for the lack of words on my holiday post – I had the most amazing time and I can honestly say Primavera festival was perfect!! I loved Lisbon so, so much and would go back in a heartbeat!! I was sitting on Friday morning struggling to think of anything to say and ended up just deleting all the text I’d written... judging by today’s post it seems as though I can ramble on about clothes no problem though!!


  1. Glad you had such a good time, sometimes it's hard to put it into words! I love jeans with little boots.. I don't think I can afford our boots even in the UO sale, though I'm tempted by the studded Ambush Topshop ones! xx

  2. I'm glad you had a fab time, I think the pictures probably speak for themselves...looks amazing! I love both of these outfits, I've been living in jeans no choice when the weather's this rubbish! xxx

  3. Both of these pants are amazing! I love those ZARA jeans!

  4. I feel the same as I get older I like more basic and minimal style :) You are one of my faves! Always effortless stylish my dear :)xx

  5. These little leopard bad boys are lovely! Also, I'm pretty positive you bought my Jeffrey Campbell starburst boots! They should be with you tomorrow, hope you love them!! X p.s. Primavera snaps look ace, need to get myself there at some point!

  6. great outfits! i live in jeans too

    love your blog, definitely following :)

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc