Thursday, 24 May 2012


 Jeans - H&M, Jumper - American Apparel, Vest, Boots & Jacket - Topshop.

 Jeans - Topshop, Jacket and Top - H&M, Shoes - Urban Outfitters.

 Jeans & Vest - Topshop, Jumper & Shoes - Zara.

 Jeans & Jumper - Topshop, Boots - Urban Outfitters.

 Jumper - American Apparel, Jacket - Topshop, Trousers - Zara, Shoes - Urban Outfitters.

It feels like forever since I blogged! To be honest, I have and haven’t missed it! One of my nosey friends from home text me to say she missed knowing what I was up to so I thought I’d do this post for her! Nicola – this is your birthday present!

Sometimes it’s nice just to wear the clothes you like and not stress over lots of pictures because you want to share the outfit! So although these pictures are just rubbish little I-phone snaps I have taken along the way I thought I’d share them anyway. I think me and my tripod are over! Taking these quick snaps took no time at all so maybe I will continue like this until I have some free time or am hit with some inspiration.

With the weather being bloody awful I fell into a love affair with patterned jeans and trousers, I’m not quite over it yet and for some reason don’t want to have to wear a skirt in this 27 degree heat! Now I am on the hunt for the perfect white jeans – someone help me! Why do white jeans just make my legs look like two sausages??

Only two weeks until I am in Portugal at Primavera festival watching Beach House by the beach – I have serious festival fever!


  1. Nice outfits!Love leather jacket!

  2. Some seriously lush outfits there :) Think I have the same Urban Outfitters boots, love them! Ahh so jealous you're off to a festival, I have to make do with Field Day this year I think. xxx

  3. Love the trousers!!


  4. I know what you mean about wearing whatever you want & not have to blog about it! I genuinely love all the outfits though, I NEED those UO shoes in my life!


  5. Nice to see you back lovely! Some gorgeous outfits here, I love those Zara trousers in the last image! Have an amazing time at the festival! xx

    1. Absolutely LOVE the zara trousers! xx

  6. LOVE these looks, you are beautiful! xx


  7. You have such a fab collection of shoes and jackets! I love all these outfits, especially the last one - those trousers are amazing!

  8. Good to hear from you and to see your outfits again Mo :) I took a small break too this month as life sometimes takes over. I think all bloggers should take breaks really. I haven't booked a trip to London yet but I'm wanting to see all my friends there sometime over summer so I'll let you know. Loving your patterned trousers by the way. xx

  9. Yay, you're back!! I'm in love with your Topshop jacket and there's nothing wrong with loving patterned trousers at the minute because you pull them off so well, especially those Zara beauties! Jealous about Primavera Festival! xx

  10. you are the definition of simply chic! love all your outfits, glad you're back ;) x

  11. It's so lovely to see your purdy face back! Your style is never boring, always so simple but so beautiful! x

  12. You've got such a good jean/trouser collection. I find that I don't have that much as its pretty warm here for over 9 months of the year! Loving the leopard print jeans and the Zara trews!

    joanne from

  13. I love every outfit, especially the last one!xx