Thursday, 29 December 2011

One Year On

It was roughly a year ago that I started this little blog and I just wanted to say a massive thank you to anyone who takes the time to read or comment, as it all means a lot to me!

I thought I'd make up this little collage of some of my favourite outfits from the past year. I would definitely say my photography skills have improved....maybe next year I'll pluck up the courage to allow someone else to take my pictures, maybe even outside!!!??

I love making lists of my favourite things or looking back on the year on all the exciting things I have done! When thinking back on this year, I realised that it has easily been one of the best I have ever had! Here are five things I have loved about this year;

  • Going to Sziget festival and travelling around some of Europe with my best friends
  • Seeing both the legends that are Bob Dylan and Donovan play this summer
  • Seeing Pulp play a total of three times this year, esp. at Brixton Academy when Jarvis was on top form
  • Watching a close friend getting married in the most beautiful Scottish castle
  • Going to Paris and having my first holiday with Danny

Next year I am mostly looking forward to my best friend giving birth to her little girl and starting a life with her new family. I also really want to travel more and have my heart set on a trip to Japan.

The lovely Katie recently tagged me in one of her posts and passed a blogging award onto me, so I thought I would share 5 facts about myself;
  • I have a very squeaky voice!! I sound as though I am five years old and I'm now worried that in my mid twenties it's not getting any deeper.
  • A lot of people think I am tiny! But I don't think I am. I'm 5'3 but still have the nick name 'Wee-Mo'.
  • Although I think a lot of people see me as a confident person, I am actually quite self conscious and can be really quiet around people I don't know. I get ridiculously nervous and am easily embarrassed. I especially turn into a bit of a wreck if someone complements me, I will honestly start to list most of my faults instead of just saying thank you!
  • I eat Japanese food every day! If I am invited out for dinner I generally panic and have to mentally prepare myself for branching out!
  • I need a lot of sleep! Not in a lazy way but in an exhausted way. I need so much sleep that my boyfriend thinks I should see a doctor about it!

Here are my top 5 blogs this year and those I would pass he awrd onto;

Hope everyone has a great New Year! xx


    1. All the pics show what a stylish lady you are! I love all the different combinations of textures and styles like girly/tough etc. I so wish I'd got to see Pulp this year, but have seen The Kills who were rather fab. And thanks for the award :) You are definitely in my top blogs of the year too. And don't worry about being quiet, I am too.. I don't think it was too awkward when we met anyway! :) Happy New Year xxx

    2. Some gorgeous outfits over the past year I love your style and these pics really sum up your style. Thank you for naming me in your top five and here is to another fabulously stylish year xoxo

    3. Arh Mo what a fab post love all your amazing outfits from the year and the wee Mo facts brilliant. Thank you so so so much for naming moi in your top 5 blogs, you are 100% one of mu fav blogs too. Thanks for all your support and funny,lovely comments over the past year your a fab cyber friend ha xoxo

    4. What amazing outfits and congrats on your blog anniversary! The second shot is how I always think of you ;)

      Emma xxx

    5. Ha the comment about you having a voice of a child made me laugh. I too sounds approx 5 years old and it's worse on the phone, I always wonder what must people think when I'm making work calls that a small child is ringing them up! x

    6. Love every single one of these looks! Hope you had a good christmas lovely xoxoxox

    7. Love your style-you look a bit like Caroline Flack in some of these pictures! Sounds like you've had an amazing year, hope 2012 treats you just as well! Xxx

    8. I loved reading these interesting facts about you and can't believe you eat Japanese food every day! I am dying to visit Japan too although next year will probably involve a holiday in New York once my best friend has moved there and a hot sunbathing type of holiday with my other best friend. Plus it's still my dream to visit Stockholm.
      Hope you have a fabulous new year. I'm celebrating it at Lulu on George street. Can't wait! xx

    9. Love all your outfits! So nice and varied!

    10. Congrats on your first year of blogging and on the next ones that will come!! You´ve made a great selection of our style pictures!!
      Have a Happy new year!!

    11. Thank you for the link Mo! Also I remember that pink skirt, it's beautiful. I hope you whip it out this summer! I get nervous about people I don't know too, I feel as if I make people awkward with my awkwardness haha. I don't think my shyness will ever go :P I think a lot of woman get a bit flustered when complimented, we don't know what to do!

      I hope you get enough sleep tonight! I'm a really light sleeper, it's frustrating as I can get up during the early hours and never get back to sleep. Also hope you have a fantastic year ahead! xxx

    12. lol this is a cute posts
      congrats on blogging for one yar
      it is not easy !
      love your hair

    13. Haha your post made me laught especially the part of getting nervous and easily embarrassed when someone complements you because I do the same! I love japanese food totally I could it everyday! I love your style photos and how your hair is looking at the moment I kind of looking fordward to growing my hair (not sure about my hair extensions :/ now) Any way! happy new year hun love the red dress above and thanks for your link! :D

    14. A very stylish 2011 !!! :D .... loving your looks!

    15. looks like you had more of a stylish your steez, ALOT!! Are we following each other yet, cause we should and I am.........xx