Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I’ll Leave Myself at Home

Vest, Cardigan and Gillet - H&M
Jeans - Topshop
Necklace - UO

Here is the outfit I wore on Sunday to see The Antlers. I dreamed of the perfect black faux fur gillet for a while and although searching high and low this blue and grey H&M one was the best alternative. It’s a little too big for me so I look slightly more gorilla than I had hoped but I’m not one of those people who won’t wear a size up to get what they want.

I’d love to here other peoples thoughts on this. Say for example, you try on your normal size in a shop and it’s a bit tight, do you insist on buying it anyway because you don’t want to buy the bigger size? I had a friend once who despite having a gorgeous size 10 figure would only wear an 8 and squashed herself into things! If there wasn’t a size 8 available she wouldn’t buy it! I’m the complete opposite and don’t really pay attention to the size label if something fits me well. Lets be honest, shops like Topshop vary their sizes so much and certain items are designed for certain body shapes! I’m not going to lie,  if I can’t fit into my normal size I do leave a little disheartened but still have a new purchase to help cheer me up. Funnily enough these are the times that I reach for the chocolate anyway! Or are you one of those shoppers who will buy the smaller size and tell yourself that you’ll go on a diet and fit into it in a month?? 

Sorry, this is just something that I’m interested in!

I’m going to Liverpool tomorrow for a long weekend. Visiting my boyfriends parents for the first time! Any tips on dressing or behaving for such occasions would be much appreciated. I’m thinking longer hem lines and lower heels. No swearing and no smutty chat! Simple right?


  1. Hey hun this does not bother me at all if it is a little tight I just go up a size sometimes with things like knitwear I buy it a couple of sizes bigger as I like the over sized look. I work in a shop and some many women will walk away from an item that looks stunning on them just because they have to go up a size or they get really down about it so sad how we are so obsessed with size.

    Anyways loving the fur vest looks fab on you and not at all gorilla like xoxo

  2. Well my wardrobe contains all sizes from 6 to 18 (I'm not even joking) and I'm a size 10/12, If it looks good buy it is what I say! sometimes things look better a bit baggier! I also have a habit of buying children's clothes (I'm incredibly short) which is a plus as kids clothes are often a lot cheaper!!
    Good luck with the in-laws, just be yourself they will love you! x

  3. Love this gilet! Such an interesting point and I am exactly the same, I will buy a size up if I like it and besides some things look better bigger anyways. I am a size 8 generally, all over. BUT and this is a big but, I am incredibly broad. SO for those bodice and bustier things I have to buy a size 12, because they simply don't do up around the broadest part of my back. The same goes for fitted blazers, I can buy a size 8 which actually looks better on me but will be restrained from moving about in case I burst like the hulk out the back seam! haha.

  4. Alreet bird!! Ha wish I was a posho, too northern and common ha! Its a birthday/xmas prezzie. She was my bridesmaid last year she done so much for me so just wanted to say thank you in the form of scones and calories, she'll hate me hehe. Have a great time in scouse land. I love the pool I do, the girls are so glam. You will be fine, be your wee self. I don't even know you and I can tell for our banter your the loveliest wee chicken pie x

    Mwah xx

    Nearly forgot about the outfit.... love it Mo jo. You do not look like a gorilla at all! maybe more like a teeny tiny monkey haaaaaaaaaa only joking. Stunning to the max! I want the gilet now xx

  5. I definitely act the same way as you with regards to sizing up - it's always a bit weird to realise you're a different size to what you're used to, but 2bh I think we've all been brainwashed into thinking we 'need' to fit into a certain, and constant, size - which is ridiculous when a) our bodies are constantly changing and b)shops are no where near consistent with their sizes! I've got a size 8 that's too big, and a 12 that's becoming too tight, so you literally can't tell. I definitely worry way less about it now I'm getting older, just as long as it suits me and fits!
    Good luck with meeting the boy's parents! I'm sure you'll be fine hun- make sure you're yourself and yeah, maybe don't greet them with a swearword :P x

  6. I never really pay any attention to sizes, though it is a little disheartening when you don't fit into the size you think you are I always get the image in my head of those girls who squish themselves into a size too small clothing! And like you say everywhere sizes differently so who knows what a 'real' size 10 is anyway!

    Good luck with meeting the parents, I always go with just be yourself, as stupid as that sounds it always seems to work for me and I end up being friends with the parents long after the boy has gone!! xxx

  7. You don't look like a Gorilla haha you look totally chic and lovely! As always loving your style:) I don't put attention to sizes cos I like to buy stuff oversize like cardigans I always buy two sizes bigger! The bigger the better obviosly not with underwear lol But I have to say I do love when I go to shops and I'm smaller size than normal like REISS for example but deep down in my heart I know I'm not that small it's just the brand haha

  8. I always do that! If it's something I love and fits okay-ish I'll take even if it's not my usual size.. I really hope meeting the parents went well, I'm sure they'll think you a lovely stylish person :) I like the gorilla look. No really, you don't look like a primate. xx

  9. Love the furrrr!

    I wear anything from size 8 up when it's a top, depending on the fit... but I won't buy anything but my normal size of 10 for jeans/trousers.. weird, maybe I feel more vulnerable on admitting putting weight on my hips haha!

    Serendipity Style Blog

  10. I swear you can pull off anything! You always wear things so well. I bet that'll be so comfortable in this cold weather we're having!

    I'm like you; I'll be a little disheartened but if I really wanted the item of clothing I'd get the size up if my usual was too tight - I've done it before with jeans. I've bought oversized jumpers before because I want the extreame comfort possible!

    I can't stop eating chocolate at the minute, especially kit kats... god one of those with a cup of tea and I'm sorted!

    Have a good time meeting the rents! I'm sure they'll love you.

  11. The fur is pretty sweet. I feel a little disheartened if my usual size doesn't fit but i'll buy it anyway, sizes are unpredictable sometimes.
    Have fun in Liverpool, let me know what you thought of it :)

  12. Love your style! Your haircut is so cute. I'm wearing a similar fur vest today, and love that it adds jazz to an otherwise simple outfit!


  13. love the fur and your hair looks amazing! if i really like something and they don't have my size then i'll quite often buy it anyway - hence why i own everything from a 6 to a 16 x

  14. gotta love a bit of fur. it suits you perfectly too and i really like this one, it adds more interest than a plain black :)

  15. As long as it fits me I don't care what size it is! I think shops are so vague with their sizing nowadays that it's impossible to be able to stick to a specific size. I'd say I was between a 8-10 but often in h&m I end up coming out with a 12.
    I think it is a bit silly that the shops differ so much but I don't think anyone should take offense, people should just be comfy!

  16. That fur vest is so rad, love how you layered it too!

  17. I don't care what size it is, if it fits and I like it, its in my wardrobe!

    Some things I have are too big because they didn't have a smaller size, such as jumpers or tops because they look pretty cool baggy too!

    Love your outfit, very 70's rock chic!

    Girl about Town XxX

  18. Just passed an award onto you from my blog! x

  19. I have clothes sized 6-16 in my wardrobe, when I'm a 10! I blame H&M for a lot of this though, their sizing is really off. And for meeting the parents for the first time, all I can say is keep sober! My boyfriend's mum came home to a fancy-dress house party where I was a (drunken) pirate. Not a good first impression, let me tell you! x

  20. This is a fabulous outfit, the fur vest is gorgeous. Lovely blog, if you want visit my blog and let me know if you want to follow and I will follow back