Friday, 14 October 2011

You, Earth or Ash

Kimono - topshop
Bullet Chains - Urban Outfitters and Etsy

Promise I don’t have one leg fatter than the other – bad angles!

This Kimono is one of my new favourites. As I am getting back into jeans (shock horror) I thought it was the perfect accompaniment to any jeans and vest combo. Red isn’t a colour I would normally go for but think it works perfectly to brighten up the black. Big thumbs up for the bullet chains too.

This outfit must be a good one as I’ve worn it twice now. Firstly for my boyfriends birthday, his eyes lit up – indicating he was a fan, if you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know he normally hates my clothes! My friend also told me that I look like a proper lady in it!?! Not so sure about that one but then she did ask why I was wearing bullets round my neck!

I’m going through one of those phases when I just want to change everything about my look, new wardrobe, new hair and new face please! I’m making a trip to the hairdressers on Sunday and taking along some inspiration in the form of the hottest girlfriends; Annite Pallenberg, Marianne Faithful and Pattie Byod. So basically I want effortlessly tousled locks with a long fringe! I did cut my fringe in a few weeks back but it’s grown to the above already!! I’m also dreaming of new piercings and tattoos, little surprise for my mum and dad when I’m home at Christmas.

Not much else planned for the weekend, I’m afraid. Hope you all have more exciting plans than me.


  1. the outfit looks awesome on you love the kimono and red is a colour I shy away from too I agree with you looks amazing with black and it is a great shade of red suits you. Cant wait to see your new hair xoxo

  2. I really like the kimono! Looking forward to seeing your new hair :) xxx

  3. The kimono is gorgeous, really suits you :) I'm the same atm, just really bored with my clothes/hair xx

  4. Yay pay day!!! Yes you should definitely check the website out, I saw it in a magazine and was shocked at how affordable everything is!! I'm feeling like you at the moment - I need a complete style overhaul!!
    Hope your ok lovely!

  5. Love this color on you!You look great. I had the same feeling early this month so I cut my fringe too!Think is a quite easy placebo!Have a nice weekend!

  6. Hiya Mo poppet, Love the Kimono it looks lush on you. My hubs is the same he prefers me in jeans and white t shirt weirdo!!!! lol.

    No new face the one you have is amazing mwah. Excited to see your new wig xoxo

  7. cute outfit, love the colour of that kimono! :) x

  8. im going through one of those phases to honey, im kinda stuck :( anyway, you do look lovely, i love the red kimono

  9. lovely outfit! x