Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Fringy Advise

Last week I got bored and took it upon myself to cut my fringe back in.

I did a rough cut version myself and now can’t decide whether to have a hairdresser tidy it up or just grow it out again! Ahh, the woes of modern day life!

Your opinions would be much appreciated.

Not really sure what I’m doing to my poor friend here, as pretty as she is I’m not normally into chewing cheeks! But you get the gist... I have a fringe again.


  1. I love the fringe!!! I'm contemplating getting one cut in but my hair is thin and it will end up just being a wispy bit of nothingness!! I think it suits you though - you should KEEP it!!!!
    Sam xx

  2. fringes rock. so flattering on you, you should definitely keep it :) xx

  3. Freaky I had a pair of kitchen scissors in my hand yesterday (like a crazed Britney) to cut my own fringe back in. But I stepped away, even though a few weeks ago I cut 3 inches off my own hair with them, I can't bear to pay £70 for a trim in London. Bit of a botch job though ha...

    You look fab with or without, but I do think a fringe is lush in Winter so keep it bird. You have done a very good job wee haggis, looks like a prof has done it!

    Have you moved yet poppet? xoxo If yes hope you like your new place xx

  4. Your fringe looks great hun! I always do this, grown my fringe out, cut it in...etc etc! xxx

  5. Woo for the fringe!
    And your eyes imply you want to eat her... :/ haha.

    Rosie x

  6. I like the fringe, it suits keep it! x

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  8. You are rocking that fringe Mo! You have to keep it and join the fringe crew with me! The only time I hate mine is when the wind blows it into curtains...but hairspray usually helps :) xx

  9. Yes the fringe is back! I liked it when you had it done previously, I always think fringes set off the eyes so bonus! Like Lou said the only annoying thing is when it blows everywhere, serious hairspray action is needed! And my tutorial went well thank you xxx