Tuesday, 24 May 2011

It's Quality, Not Quantity

Dress - Yayer
Necklace - H&M
Boots - H&M

I had to share my latest Yayer purchase with you all. I initially bought this to use on holiday but think it works quite well as a cute day dress and the boots are keeping it casual. I wouldn’t mind trying it with some heels for a night out too. This is my forth Yayer item and they certainly do not disappoint.

So my hair...still looks pretty dark in these photos. I have the worst light in my room ever though and I swear it looks a lot blonder when I am out and about (at least I hope it does!!) My hair is so thick that highlights take a long time to show.

Thank you for all the good luck messages for my new job. It’s going ok so far, just getting bombarded with info but I’m sure it will all settle down soon.

On Sunday night I decided to stay in and sleep in my own bed, instead of staying over at Danny’s. It’s quality, not quantity was the excuse I gave him. To which he replied “So when do I get the quality?!” Aren’t boys so cheeky? But quite funny, all the same. I have to admit I laughed quite a lot when he said this! I’m kicking myself now though as I most definitely want the quantity! My lucky boy is off to Primavera festival for five days. I’m going to busy myself with ebay selling, DVD’s and books!


  1. Mo! You look stunning in this dress - wooo for Yayer :) It's such a great design for festivals too, are you going to any this year?

    Congrats on the new job, I hope it settles down soon. Hope you're well! x

  2. You look lovely in that dress ! xx

  3. Lovely dress. I might have to have a look on Yayer. x

  4. This is so perfect for the summer, really want to get some things from Yayer only problem is I want everything... x

  5. You look beautiful - I love the dress! What size are the ASOS boots from the last post? If you don't want them I'll buy them if they fit me haha :) x

  6. I love looking at Yayer's stuff I have not brought anything yet but I did have a look at this it so gorgeous and such an amazing fit on you xoxo

  7. Your dress is beeeautiful! I could imagine it working well with some nice wedges whilst having a stroll on a beach... lovely stuff. Glad your job is going well, yeah you'll settle in I'm sure! Haha boys can be cheeky but sometimes it's their charm, you can't help but laugh!

  8. this is so so lush!

    Helen, X

  9. LOVE!
    You're so gorgeous!!


  10. This dress is lovelyyyyy, think I need to check out yayer

  11. thanks for your lovely comment :)
    this dress is a beaut i must say! though i've noticed you have a lot of amazing clothes and jewellery- love your style!

  12. Glad the new job is going alright. It's always difficult getting your head around everything in a new job.
    I love Yayer so much! Nice purchase sweetie xx