Friday, 20 May 2011

French Navy Pleats

Top & Skirt - H&M
Belt - vintage
Necklace - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Urban Outfitters

Two of my favourite things can be found in this cheap skirt from H&M – navy and pleats. When the gorgeous LAURA (if you haven’t already, check her out! She has an amazing, chic and accessible style) mentioned yesterday that she had joined in the pleats club it got me in the mood to get more of mine out and start wearing them.

So, today is my last day, with my team at work. We will be making the most of it by heading to Hummus Brothers for lunch (AMAZING) and generally chatting/tweeting/online shopping all day. Such a good way to spend a Friday. I am really going to miss the banter with the girls. My new team are a lot older and have the reputation of being slightly boring. Not sure how my loud laugh and constant chatting is going to go down. I’ll let you know the reaction to my first crude comment / filthy joke.

Anyone got anything exciting planned for the weekend? My friend is down from Scotland so we will be having the usual Saturday night out followed by a hung-over Sunday – although I can’t be lazy as I am having my hair dyed early doors on Sunday morning,  bleach and last nights head do not go down well. I also want to visit Camden, to pick up some little trinkets to store all of my jewellery. When we first moved to London, we lived in Camden and hung around the canal, market and pubs constantly, but since moving east, over a year ago, I’ve never been back to the market. I really need to start making the most of London.


  1. That skirt is gorge!
    Fancy a life swap? My weekend will be spent.... Revising;)

  2. love that skit! hope you had fun with your team. my weekend will hopefully be spent sunbathing and doing little else if the weather allows! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  3. oh i want it. ive been searching for the perfect navy skirt for so long now, it seems like it doesnt exist. but here it is on you hha

  4. Love this outfit, really simple and stylish H&M is never a let down for that! Also your bangle on your arm is amazing, every one I try and do that with is either too big or too small! Always so jealous you live in London, I'm going to an end of exams BBQ tomorrow x

  5. you look lovers.
    Love the arm bangle too!

    Babe dont forget to keep an eye out for us if you go camden market -wink wink.

    Can wait see more blondeo xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Hi dear..
    what an amazing blog..
    if you want we could follow each other..let me know...
    what do you think about my post "VERYSIMPLE"?

  7. Eeek thanks for the mention, I'm loving being a member of the pleats club, will crack an outfit post out soon! Everything you wear I always think really need to get my hands on... but I really do need to get my hands on an arm cuff, so simple but yet oh so lovely!

    Good luck with the new team I never know how long to wait to unleash my craziness on new people! x

  8. Follow my blog on bloglovin, comment saying you did, and I'll follow yours back!

  9. Love this outfit, I love pleats and the colours are my favourite, navy and beige. I adore the shoes too xxx

  10. love this look! you look gorgeous doll! and that necklace is super fab!!


  11. absolutely awesome outfit..:o) look your style...hugs