Friday, 4 March 2011

You Have Child Bearing Hips!

You have child bearing hips was a compliment I was recently given, by a gay guy I was chatting to on a drunken night out. When I looked at him a little disappointedly he reassured me that he meant it as a compliment and didn't really know how to compliment a woman. Looking in the mirror with these trousers on I have to agree with him - time to start toning up for summer!! 
I haven't done an outfit post in what feels like forever so although this is nothing exciting, here I am! I keep dreaming of summer so will no doubt be inundating you with summer outfits as of next week. 
I wanted to wear my new crop top and belt and was desperate to wear some shorts, but I realize that although the sun is shining, it isn't hot outside. Whenever I wear these trousers, I feel like Sandy from Greece...boke!! 
Can you believe I found this vintage Guess bag in a 'bargain bin' of a cute vintage shop in Edinburgh?! £1 is all I had to pay for it!!!! It is a little tatty though and if I put anything heavy inside it will break, so I have to treat it with care! 


  1. Cute outfit hunny. You are a tiny little thing and certainly don't need to tone up there would be nothing left of you. You have a fab little figure. That guy must of been seeing double in fact treble!!

    Have a fab weekend xx

  2. wow - you do not need to tone up! haha. love the outfit!

  3. never trust a drunk, your figure is gorge!
    thankyou for the comment on my blog, this putfit is lovely:)
    i'm following!

  4. You look lovely to me, no toning needed. I love the clogs!

  5. this is a really nice outfit, i love the simplicity of it.
    and your clogs are gorgeous! whats your opinion on younger people wearing heels, i'm 15 and i love heels i just don't know if i should wear them on an everyday bases because it'll look stupid xx

  6. thank-you very much for your reply,
    wow thank-you thats really nice of you! you've got amazing fashion sense. no no that really helps, i've kind of given up caring what my age group think about the way i dress so it's nice having another persons opinion thank-you very much, and what do you think of maxi dresses on younger people? xx

  7. Your so slim, I don't know what he's talking about...x