Thursday, 24 March 2011


Skirt - Topshop
Body - Topshop
Belt - Ebay
Shirt - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop
Eventually my Moschino belt made it's way to the cobblers and now it fits me!! YEAH!!!! After lusting and lusting and lusting after one I eventually saved some cash and went bidding crazy on Ebay! The belt turned out far too big for me (must read listings) and seeing as I am so lazy, it sat in my wardrobe for five, yes FIVE, months with out being worn. Well, it's sorted now and I doubt I'll be able to resist wearing it everyday.

I love this midi, pleated, sheer (bit of everything) skirt from Topshop. I initially bought it as an evening piece but think it transcends well into 'work wear'. I used this shirt from Topshop to play around with and rough the outfit up a bit.

Thank goodness for the belt, with out it my outfit would be completely Topshop... and we all know everyone hates that, right? Not me, I'm crazy for a bit of Topshop and think head to toe Topshop can look great, as long as you stay clear of the obvious "Hi, I'm from Topshop" items. This rant is reminding me of the Mighty Boosh episode when they point at everything and say "Topshop!" Definite over use of the word Topshop today.


  1. HAHAHA! You are my ideal bird I LOVE Boosh... 'topshop' think I need to wack the dvds on again been a while.
    LOVE this belt really jealous Ive wanted one forever just dont want the price tag haha- cheapo I am.
    "Hi, I'm from Topshop" items this made me LOL as I'd like to think I know exactly what sort of items these would be.
    You think yes for palazzo? xxxxxxxx

  2. haha, i never realised topshop featured in the mighty boosh - i may have to watch that episode!
    You definitely don't look like one of 'those' topshop girls, quite the opposite in fact- i love how the denim shirt edges it all up - gorgeous! x

  3. I LOVE your hair!! (I know this has nothing to do with your post but I just had to say) I always try to get mine looking a bit roughed up and messy like that but my hair is so straight and thin that it falls back to poker straight in no time - damn hair!
    oh and I am your 100 follower - yay!!
    Sam xx

  4. five months? wow. i'm glad you've brought it out of your wardrobe.
    i'm thrilled to have stumbled upon your blog. and thank you! you're so sweet. x.

  5. amazing belt, i've got a little one from ebay but really want the bigger one now!! and i totally agree as long as you stay away from the obvious topshop prints, a whole outfit from topshop can be really nice xxxx

  6. fab outfit! your hair is stunning! :) x

  7. you're really inspiring me to try out a midi skirt, don't think i could pull them off like you though! love the outfit, once again!


  8. oh i'm so jealous of your moschino belt! i might take a leaf out of your book and go on an ebay trawl. also, i've just fallen unbelievably in love with your hair - it's absolutely gorgeous! x

  9. Hmm babe im STILL und-bloody-ceided about the trousers...
    Glad you likey my shosies though.
    Loving this post and hair comments big time, mchairlovin'
    YUS model agency loved it- dario was a moody git wasnt she!? going catch up on last night essex tonight aswell :o xxxxxxxxx

  10. I was lusting after Moschino belts on ebay yesterday! I really, really need one haha. You look beautiful here! x

  11. i'm so happy i found your blog i think you're SO pretty and i love fashion blogs. your moschino belt is amazing! if you get a second you should check out my blog.

    love your newest follower

  12. the belt is amazing! I should really find myself one..

  13. got new shoes in toppers, definately feel better!i love that belt, im always watching them but never just buy one, did you get it for a good price? TIGHTS AS SPANX ARE MY FAVOURITE!saves you shelling out 40 quid on those big knicks :p! so glad im not the only person who does that!x

  14. love this look and post. I do love a bit of Boosh and NF.


  15. Just found your blog and... fell in love with your style. Effortless chic!
    Marusya V
    p.s. would be great to stay in touch:) fancy following each other?

  16. I have always been a Moschino fan, so I totally dig your belt!!

    Nice outfit. :)

    The Cat Hag

  17. I really like this vest over the dress, worn open or tied.