Monday, 28 March 2011


So it is first thing on a Monday and I have to admit that I am still drunk from the weekend. Not hung-over, just drunk! This is not good. I do not recommend drinking and not eating! I have to apologise if this post is even more terribly written than usual and I ramble, I feel like I may ramble.

Anyway, I had the best weekend ever! Had a night out on Saturday. This is what I wore!
I lusted after this t-shirt for a long time but for some reason never bought it. I was very happy when I went into Urban Outfitters and saw it was in the sale for £10! Granted, it is a men’s large but a tenner all the same. I cut the sleeves off, and stuck a pair of shorts underneath. Pretty simple outfit.
I was dancing around in my room to the strokes before heading out, LOVE their new album, at the moment.  

Me and my boyfriend went to see Flare Path on Friday night, which stars Sienna Miller. She is my idol, so if you read Fridays post that explains the whole being in the same room as my favourite person! I would definitely give my left leg to be that bird! After, my boyfriend asked me who I would rather go out with, him or Sienna. I'm not into girls in that way so this was an easy answer but if he had asked who I'd rather be friends with, it would have been a tough one!  

Yesterday was of course, Scotland Vs. Brazil. I have never had so much fun in my whole life! I'm not exactly patriotic but the atmosphere of all the Scots in London was just incredible. I even joined in when the whole pub was singing Flower of Scotland and had some questionable Scottish flags drawn on my cheeks, chest and arm.  I have some funny pictures of the day so will post some tomorrow if anyone fancies seeing some more personal pictures on my blog?!

I'm always laughing at the comments people make on my outfits and never take them to heart. I have posted a few examples on here so was thinking of doing a little, regular feature on the comments. What do you think? I'll leave you with a few recent remarks;

On Friday, I had my new bag. My boyfriend said to me (completely out of the blue) "I think you have some nicer bags than that, that's not my favourite."
I said "Are you trying to say that you don't like this bag?"
"You should start reading more fashion blogs, this is really navajo and I like navajo."
"Can you stop saying that word all the time please?"

On Saturday my VERY Scottish friend to me "aw look at your wee cross earrings, you're such a wee punk. Wee Mo the punk" She also said "Boy London? I might as well have c*ck written on my forehead!"

I was wearing my studded leather jacket and my friend said to me "I like that jacket on you, do you know who you look like? Julian Casablancas."
"What? the jacket or me?"


  1. Ahhh, your weekend sounds so fun! I want to see Flare Path so much.. mostly because of Sienna! I love her as well.. Also, that tee! What a great find!

  2. HA! The comments your friends come out with are hilarious! My brother said - 'Why do you dress like a Grandad?' refering to my grandad cardie and I just burst out laughing! I get comments off my friends saying I'm a granny, I'm known as that now actually ha!

    You look grrreat also by the way, simple but it works so well! A little rock chic flare!

    You should write more oftan, I like the way it flows! Great personality!

  3. I love this t-shirt, it's amazing. I never find anything in the urban outfitters sales! No fair. Props to you though. ♥

  4. so effortless.. looks really nice! sounds like you had an awesome weekend, you know you had a good night when you're still drunk waking up! haha :)


  5. Your such a sexy beast mo.
    loving the top and your outfit comments even more- keep them coming you wee punk mo.
    did boy love flare path? did sienna give you a wink!?
    cant wait to see the pics from football flag face!!! xxxxxxxxx

  6. How good was Flare path. I went to see it the other week I loved it and I mostly loved it cos of Sienna. She is amazing and my fav girl crush.

    Cute look chicky, very uber cool.


  7. Haha, sounds like you had a good weekend! Love the outfit, + najavo prints [even if your boyfriend hates it:')]! Also, Sienna is just god, your so lucky to have seen her! Major style icon!xxx

  8. ooh lovely outfit, such a bargain too!
    haha your boyfriends comment made me laugh. definately a regular feature!

  9. Haha your Scottish friend sounds awesome! Love the tshirt on you and look at your legs, very jealous xx

  10. I love that t-shirt!!! I wanted to buy this autum but it's 35£...u're lucky!
    The comments of your friends have made ​​me laugh a lot!
    And then Navajo is a great word and I love Julian :D

  11. these sorts of tees = love :)


  12. Your boyfriend's comment about your bag made me chuckle


  13. love the shirt!

    New update online now!

  14. lovely t-shirt! If you have a non london boy he will get jealous haha!

    regards from

  15. Thanks for commenting on my blog, I love this outfit and your hair!! xxxx

  16. your hair rocks girl! That's exactly how I want mine! X