Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Work Gear

T-Shirt - H&M
Dress - French Connection
Belt - Vintage
Boots - Primark

Here are some quick snaps of what I have been running around in lately! I think I mentioned before that my work are quite relaxed about what we wear, lucky me!! So I try to make the most of this. The first picture is today's outfit. The dress is an old fave of mine, I bought it about three years ago for a birthday but now like to wear it in a more casual way. I have lots of great vintage 'rock' t-shirts so I'll be trying out this look a lot more. I also saw a similar style of dress in H&M the other day in a pale wash denim, which I think would look fab worn with t-shirts.

I wore this outfit on Monday. I love these little shorts from H&M. I got them in the summer but now love to pair them with chunky jumpers, tights and boots. So versatile! The jumper and boots are also H&M - overload!! Thinking about it, this outfit probably only cost me £50!  

Below is yesterday's outfit. I enjoyed wearing this so much. I bought the skirt from Marks and Spencers, kids school wear section and it only cost me £6.50!! The fit wasn't the best, but then I guess kids don't have hips, so I can't really complain! The top is H&M, bag is vintage and jacket is Topshop. 

I got some AMAZING news at work today! Next Wednesday I will be in Amsterdam for a meeting, then staying on till Thursday for some sight seeing and shopping! I can not wait... time to start thinking of outfits!! 


  1. I love the little polka dot shorts! Can't believe I missed out on them last summer because I'm after a pair just like them at the mo. Typical! And have a lovely trip next week - make the most of it!

  2. i love all these outfits, the first one is my favourite but I love those spotty shorts too

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. I love the first one, that dress is gorgeous xx

  4. Casual chic outfits!:D

    I like all three but I am loving the last.:D

    ***** Marie *****