Friday, 11 February 2011

Payday Lusting - Feb

Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Hat - ASOS
Dream Catchers - google image search
Dress - Vtg (google image search)
Bag - Urban Outfitters
Top - Topshop
Payday on Tuesday and I am dying to get out and purchase all of the above (and probably quite a bit more.) I am loving the whole 70's look at the moment (as is everyone) and plan to stock up on as many authentic vintage finds as my budget will allow.
I have been scouring eBay all morning and have now purchased three dream catchers, which I can not wait to receive! I'm thinking of putting two up in my room and accessorising bags and jewelery with a small one I got. There are also some amazing 70's crochet dresses on there. The hat from ASOS is simply breathtaking - it's a bit pricey but I love hats, so it's definitely going on the treat list.
Sorry for the quick / rambling post but after drinking ALL day yesterday all I can think of is food and shopping!


  1. love these dream catchers, ive just bought one !

  2. That vintage dress is too gorgeous! Hope you get what you want ;) xxx

  3. The vintage dress is so nice. Very stylish.

  4. thank-you for the comment my lovely and the follow. i love your blog so i'm definitely following you back :) mm dream catchers! <33

  5. that vintage dress is gorgeous! you're so lucky you're gonna shop soon! :)